How Lumity Facial Oil can shave 10-minutes off your bedtime beauty routine

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How using Lumity facial Oil can shave 10 minutes off your bedtime beauty regime
There are enough things in life stopping you from getting to bed at a decent hour and your beauty regime shouldn’t be one of them. By introducing Lumity Facial Oil into your routine we believe you can be tucked up under the covers at least 10 minutes earlier than normal.


Lumity Facial Oil isn’t just a powerhouse for your skin, it’s a time-saver too. When all you’re trying to do is get into bed and catch up on your eight hours of recommended sleep, removing your makeup, showering, shaving and moisturising can all seem like time consuming chores. But, because Lumity Facial Oil is so much more than just another product for your face, it can help speed up the time consuming bedtime beauty routine too. Here’s how.


A quicker, smoother shave


Just as you can put olive oil on your razor to stop it going rusty, you can also use Lumity Facial Oil. By greasing up your blades after each shave you’ll ensure a quicker, smoother shave before bed. A rusty razor can cause nasty nicks, so by keeping your razor in tip top shape you’ll avoid spending time cleaning up shaving rash and cuts. On top of that, if you use a little Lumity Facial Oil as a shaving oil, you won’t have to moisturise your legs either.

How to remove makeup AND moisturise the skin


Saving time is all about killing two birds with one stone and Lumity Facial Oil can do just that. It’s gentle enough to use to remove makeup and since it’s so great at hydrating skin you won’t have to moisturise afterwards.


The benefits of an overnight pedicure


Lumity Facial Oil can look after your body quite literally from head-to-toe. If you have dry, damaged feet or you want to avoid getting them then you probably spend a fair bit of time with a pumice stone. But, instead of scrubbing dead skin off your feet with an evening pedicure, try rubbing Lumity Facial Oil into your feet. Wrap them in cling film to lock the moisture in and then sleep in your favourite cotton socks. You’ll be sleeping while the oil works wonders on your feet.


The secret to a better night’s sleep


A nightly facial massage – as demonstrated in A-list facialist Nichola Joss’s how to video – can help you to fall asleep quickly as well as smoothing away the stresses of the day. 

Nichola told Lumity: “Massaging skin at night before you go to bed really helps to remove tension and stress from the muscles.”

The more relaxed you are the less time you’ll be wasting with the week’s woes keeping your brain – and you – awake.

Reduce your chances of worrying before you drift off


It’s time to stop wasting any more of your precious minutes with a ten step beauty routine. Those fine lines you see as you age could be significantly reduced by using Lumity Facial Oil. During our trial 73% of our testers noticed a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles after just four weeks. 

Massage the 100% natural, 32 ingredient oil into your face, neck and chest in twice a day and you won’t need to layer an abundance of different lotions and potions onto your skin. You also won’t lie awake worrying about waking up early to get beautified before you leave the house either. 


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