How you make your lips more kissable!

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How you make your lips more kissable!

Our lips are very sensitive but while we take care to look after our skin we often neglect them. On National Kissing Day it’s time to think about how to make your pout prettier and your lips just that little bit more kissable!

Lips can chap easily, often because we are licking them too much when they feel dry. Our saliva is part of our digestive system and when we lick and coat our lips in saliva we are also covering them in digestive enzymes which can cause cracking – as can the evaporation of this moisture. Dry, chapped lips can also make them more susceptible to fungal or bacterial infections while being run down leaves you wide open to cold sores if you are someone who carries the virus.

When our lips are dry they don’t look as plump and age our face. Lipsticks and glosses won’t sit correctly and in the case of any matt products can actually age the face further. But the good news is just spending a few minutes a day looking after your lips can pay dividends. Read on to find out how….

Prep for perfect lips

Just as we prep our skin before we moisture it and take care to remove dead skin cells, so we should be doing the same for our lips. Celebrity skin specialist and makeup artist Lesley Wilks explains: “Weekly ritual exfoliating your lips as well as your skin is imperative to remove dead skin cells,” she explains. “Using either a gentle product or alternatively a toothbrush brushed gently over lips . A natural version of this that I like to use is honey and brown sugar. A natural remedy that also tastes delicious!” Yes you are sure to enjoy exfoliating with that combo!

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Moisturise your lips as well as your face

Most of us take the time and care to moisturize our faces but we need to give as much attention to your lips as well.We understand that moisturising our faces is an essential step in our skincare routines however it can be easy to forget about our lips and therefore they can become dry and chapped,” says Lesley. “You can use your facial moisturiser over your lips too and I do recommend this for an added hit of hydration.” Your Lumity oil is perfect for your lips as well as your face and will nourish them to prevent damage to the lips which can escalate. During the day topping up with a lip balm is also important. Try and chose one which also nourishes as well as protects by avoiding petroleum based formulations. These act as a barrier but often don’t nourish the skin.

How to use injectables for kissable lips

When we get older the volume in our lips which can age our faces and also knock our confidence. If you feel your lips need more of a boost than clever use of lipliner, lipstick and gloss can give you then injectable fillers might be something you are considering. “Lip fillers are a non-surgical, non-invasive way to create fuller, more voluminous lips and can also be used to change the shape or symmetry of the lips or to minimise fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth, making your face look more attractive and younger looking at the same time,” says facial aesthetics experts Dr Pamela Benito.

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Most fillers now are made of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the skin known for adding volume and providing moisture and softness. “Itʼs a pretty useful beauty ingredient because it’s able to hold up to 1,000 times its own weight in water,” explains Dr Benito. “Because hyaluronic acid is something that our body produces but unfortunately it decreases as we age. Once injected into the skin its easily broken down over a period of months.” With a number of different products available it’s important to research the length of time the product will last in your lips and the volume it will create. 

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