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If you’ve been looking at our triple award-winning Skin Nutrients Facial Oil, you’ve possibly been wondering why we blended together 32 botanical oils instead of focusing on just one. Setting aside the complicated science and put simply, the reason is that each of nature’s precious oils that we used comes with its own set of benefits and together you get many benefits with each enhancing and complementing the other. One of these, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, is a worthy addition to your skincare regime.

We asked style blogger Misha Page to summarise those benefits for us.

Meadowfoam seed oil is extracted naturally from a plant known as the Limnanthes Alba, a native of Oregon and California. 

When cold-pressed, Meadowfoam Seed Oil has a beautiful light yellow color with a waxy texture and consistency that is very close to jojoba oil and is widely used for its antioxidant qualities that help to soften and moisturize the skin while restoring it. 

Meadowfoam Seed Oil moisturises the skin better than most other common oils because it is a stable oil (doesn’t oxidize or go rancid easily) that can be used as a carrier oil alongside other less stable oils to extend their life and effectiveness. 

As a result, Meadowfoam Seed Oil is used regularly as an ingredient in many skin lotions, balms, and creams. Limnanthes Alba or white Meadowfoam is relatively easy to grow compared to other plants and its eco-friendliness is one of the many reasons individuals opt to use it today. 

The benefits of Meadowfoam Seed Oil 

Excellent for body scrubs 

Because of its stability, Meadowfoam Seed Oil is one of the best oils to use as a base for homemade body scrubs. To make the scrubs, all one needs to do is add a natural abrasive ingredient such as sugar or coffee grounds to the Meadowfoam Seed Oil and it will give way to smooth and soft skin once applied. 

Moisturises skin 

Meadowfoam Seed Oil has impressive moisturising properties that help to prevent any loss of moisture from the skin and hair. Individuals that are suffering from dry and cracked skin can use Meadowfoam Seed Oil to revitalize their skin and it is particularly beneficial because of its UV protection capability. 

It is easily absorbed 

Meadowfoam Seed Oil contains over 98% long chain fatty acids and it is this high content that gives it its sebum like qualities that are easier for the skin to absorb. When applied on the skin or to the air, Meadowfoam Seed Oil locks in moisture and helps other ingredients (if it is used in a scrub or lotion) to penetrate the skin, therefore giving the desired results. 

Ideal for older skin

 Since Meadowfoam Seed Oil has high concentrations of antioxidants, it is also absorbed much more easily by aged skin compared to other oil types. The antioxidants contained within the oil penetrate the skin so that the effects of ageing can be slowed down. Best of all; it does not leave a greasy feeling on the skin, which eliminates the possibility of developing acne and clogged pores.

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