Inside top make-up artist Chloe Botting’s day and night routine

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We’re firm believers in 24/7 wellness and having different routines for day and night. We spoke to pro make-up artist Chloe Botting to find out what are the non-negotiable products that get her through every day and night.

1. I love waking up early so I have lots of time in the morning to listen to music and I swear by facial massage for anti-aging and rejuvenating my skin.

I take my Lumity morning supplements first thing and then do 10 minutes of facial massage with the Lumity facial oil. This livens your skin up even if you’ve not had as much sleep as you’d like and preps your skin nicely for any makeup. I then moisturise with a day cream with a high SPF to protect my skin followed by Organic Pharmacy lip and eye cream.

2. Being a makeup artist means you never have time to eat when you get to work as you always have to start getting people ready straight away. I always keep loads of frozen fruit in my freezer and blitz it in a smoothie with vegan yoghurt for when I have time to drink it at work and have a black filter coffee just before I set off. 

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3. I’m super lucky to often get delicious catering at lunch with my job but am predominantly vegan so try to keep it as healthy as possible with lots of veg.

4. After lunch I have a matcha latte now instead of coffee. I find I sleep so much better if I lay off the caffeine in the afternoon.

5. Because I’m on my feet all day with work I want something to wind me down in the evening so try to do a bit of evening yoga even if its just 15 minutes I really feel it makes a difference to my wellbeing and sleep.

6.  I absolutely love Indian food and spice so make a lot of vegan curries and dahls with loads of fresh spices and veg. Coconut and red lentil dahl is my favourite and I have it with spinach or brown rice and lots of different pickles.

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7. I am a bit obsessed with having a bath in the evenings with a nice glass of wine so whenever I have the chance to do this I’ll leave my Lumity 4-in-1  Cleanse balm on to soak into my skin it removes makeup and dissolves impurities so feels so hydrating and balancing on your skin after a long day. I end with Ren radiance perfecting serum and Weleda primrose night cream. 

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