Inspiring body-positive quotes from women we love!

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Inspiring body positive quotes from women we love
Curvy, slim, tall, short, busty, flat, wrinkly or smooth, it’s a fact we women come in all different shapes and sizes and while it’s important to be healthy it’s also important to love the way we look.


Love the skin you are in! There are parts of our bodies nearly all of us would change but rather than dwell on them wouldn’t it feel great to be able to embrace them? Easier said than done – we know!

But there are plenty of celebrities who have achieved it, despite perhaps not conforming to the so-called Hollywood norm.

So in a bid to boost our self-esteem we’ve compiled some body positive quotes from stars who haven’t got a problem with their wobbly bits. Or who wear their cellulite with pride.

We hope they’ll leave you looking in the mirror and loving what you see.


22 celebrities who embrace their body type and think you should too:


“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” – Marilyn Monroe

“I wouldn’t ever want to compete with what I call ‘the glamours’—the really gorgeous people. I’m about the brain, the heart and what’s on the inside. I feel really lucky to be the body type I am.” – Rebel Wilson

“I don’t look in the mirror and go, ‘Oh, I look fantastic’” said Kate who described her tummy as ‘crumble baby belly’ and her boobs as looking ‘worse for wear’. But I do believe in saying, ‘This is who I am and look at me not being perfect!’ I’m proud of that.” – – Kate Winslet

“My main beauty tip is don’t say that negative thing when you look in the mirror. It just isn’t healthy. That lack of beating up on ourselves – that’s my new mantra. Happiness is the best makeup; a smile is better than any lipstick you’ll put on.” – Drew Barrymore

“The more I like me, the less I want to pretend to be other people.” – Jamie Lee Curtis

“Many women think you need large breasts, but I’m living proof that you can get far with small ones.” – Cameron Diaz

“Being pregnant finally helped me understand what my true relationship was with my body—meaning that it wasn’t put on this earth to look good in a swimsuit. I was like, ‘Look, I can carry a baby! I’m gaining weight right, everything’s going well.’ And I’ve had that relationship ever since.” – Amy Adams

“My smile is my favourite part of my body. I think a smile can make your whole body. I want women to know that it’s ok. That you can be whatever size you are and be beautiful inside and out.” – Serena Williams

“Nobody is perfect, so get over the fear of being or doing everything perfectly. Besides, perfect is boring. Today, instead of picking yourself apart in the mirror or with friends over drinks, start seeing your ‘imperfections’ as unique traits that give you character and dimension—because that’s exactly what they are.” – Jillian Michaels

“My weight? It is what it is. You could get hit by a bus tomorrow. It’s about being content, and sometimes other priorities win.” – Melissa McCarthy

“If someone told me that I was stupid or that I wasn’t a leader or that I wasn’t witty or quick or perceptive, I’d be devastated,” the actress wrote in her book ‘Who Not Me?’. “If someone told me that I had a gross body, I’d say, ‘Well, it’s bringing me a lot of happiness.’”  – Mindy Kaling

“Someone one told me my thighs were ‘cellulite city.’ But I now realise these thighs tell a story of victory and courage.” – Ashley Graham

“If you left it up to everyone else in the world to decide, your body will NEVER be good enough.” – Michelle Elman

“From a purely aesthetic point of view, my body was better when I was 22, but I didn’t enjoy it. I was too busy comparing it to everyone else’s.” – Cindy Crawford

“I don’t want to be an ‘ageless beauty.’ I want to be a woman who is the best I can be at my age.” – Sharon Stone

“When the demon starts to slither my way and say bad s*** about me I turn around and say, ‘Hey. Cool it. Amy is my friend. Don’t talk about her like that.’ Sticking up for ourselves in the same way we would one of our friends is a hard but satisfying thing to do. Sometimes it works.” – Amy Poehler

“There’s only one of you so why would you want to look like everyone else.” – Adele

“If anybody even tried to whisper the word ‘diet’ I’m like, ‘You can go f*** yourself.’” – Jennifer Lawrence

“One day I had to sit down with myself and decide that I love myself no matter what my body looked like and what other people thought about my body. I got tired of hating myself.” – Gabourey Sidibe

“To all girls with butts, boobs, hips and a waist, put on a bikini – put it on and stay strong.” – Jennifer Love Hewitt

“Whether I put on weight or take it off, someone’s got something to say, so what I’ve figured is this: As long as I’m healthy and happy, cool. I’m just me – take it or leave it. And personally I think I’m looking good.” – Kelly Clarkson

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