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We sat down and spoke to Sara Palmer Hussey, PhD to ask her thoughts on life, what she has noticed about herself as she has celebrated each year and why she created Lumity.

Who are you, where are you from and what is your background? 

My name is Sara Palmer Hussey. I grew up in England and studied at Cambridge University. My father was a brilliant biologist and transmitted that love for the study of life to me. I have also always had a particular fascination for the role nutrition plays in health and so when I was looking at ageing my focus was on whether any form of targeted nutrition could have an effective impact on prolonging youth. 

What is ageing? 

I see ageing as the loss of youthful efficiency and the accumulation of damage in the body. Damage is only a problem in the body when it doesn’t get repaired and the main reason it doesn’t get repaired is that repair systems become less efficient with age. These two issues of inefficiency and cumulative damage exacerbate each other in the downward spiral we identify under the collective term of ageing. 

How have you personally experienced ageing (in the mirror, sleep, patience with children) and how did you see it begin to affect your friends? 

Obviously none of us welcome the signs of ageing and most of us start to notice these externally: wrinkles, grey hair, weight gain, but actually, once we’ve finished examining our reflections in the mirror, ageing is actually measured most by how we feel: sluggish, worn out, less resilient to disease, poor sleep, stress (as you grow older your stress load naturally increases) and discouragement. So, as well as improving the external signs, I really wanted to develop a product that addressed those core issues which actually make up the bulk of your everyday experience (you may spend 5 minutes looking in the mirror, but the rest of the day is really about how you feel within).  

When did you first start thinking about ageing and the changes one undergoes as they begin to age? 

I was quite indifferent to the notion of ageing for a long time, but I think having a child heightens your awareness of mortality and ageing, you want to be around for your children to support them through life and so taking care of your own health takes on an added perspective of responsibility. When I became a mother at 35, I certainly started to yearn for the boundless energy, stamina and resilience of youth and really started to dig deep into all the research that has been done in the last 50 years on ageing and how we can prolong youth for as long as possible. 

What do most people try to do to stop the process or counter the effects? 

I think people are becoming more aware of lifestyle habits that can improve your health, diet, exercise, stress management and the like, but I also think that it is very difficult to always do what is the absolute best for our health. How many of us can say that we live without stress and sometimes find it hard to cope with all the demands we have on us? How many of us sleep 8 hours a night and wake feeling rested and enthusiastic? How many of our good intentions regarding diet get thwarted every day when we just feel like the only thing that will hit the spot is a double latte? We all know so much about healthy habits now and we all do our best, but even our best efforts often don’t bring the results we’re after. Knowing that most of us don’t have the luxury to fit the best lifestyle choices into our busy days, Lumity represents an easy commitment with big rewards.

What did you set out to do? 

Lumity is focused on providing natural, healthy products that are thoroughly researched and designed from a new, innovative perspective. They contain only the most effective ingredients to give superior results. Lumity products give you back the light you may have lost along the way, so that you’re not just surviving and coping with your life, you’re thriving and loving your life.


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