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Summer’s almost over and rumours are swirling of a second lockdown this winter. If that happens, why not start to prepare now so you’re your strongest fittest and healthiest version of yourself as we head into Autumn and Winter? If there isn’t another lockdown, you’ll be feeling your best ahead of the Christmas parties!

Over the summer holidays you’ve probably been making lists galore and now it’s time to put yourself at the top of a new one. 

Whether you do this with a friend, or as a stand alone self care adventure, this challenge is all about investing in yourself.

Try to tick off one thing, at least once a day and there’s every chance you’ll find you want to sneak some of these simple feel good features into September too!

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1. Do 20 minutes of cardio after you wake up

The best time to workout is first thing in the morning. Those lovely endorphins change your entire day for the better. You’ll feel happy and virtuous, plus you’ll be less likely to snack on sugar or carb laden foods. It’ll strengthen your heart and muscles plus you’ll sleep better at night. Join the closest gym to you so you can walk there before you’ve fully woken up and it won’t take a large chunk out of your day.

2. Plan a vacation

Give yourself something to look forward to and plan your next adventure – even if it’s 12 months in advance. Searching out an exotic location and the perfect summer wardrobe will lift your spirits and give you a buzz and boost your happiness.

3. Pick an hour to do something you love

You never think twice about booking in a work meeting or attending your kid’s parent’s evening, so at least once this month find time for one hour of doing exactly what you want. Promise yourself you won’t veer from your plan and certainly don’t find yourself running errands during those 60-minutes – unless that’s what you really want to do of course!

4. Get good sleep

Make it your mission to have a sleep pattern to be proud of by day 28! Good sleep is imperative to good health and not just because you feel so much more rested after you’ve had a decent kip. It keeps you focused, at a healthy weight, lowers stress levels and gives you a glowing complexion too. 

Work on resetting your circadian rhythm – also known as your body clock – and you’ll be amazed at how great you’ll look and feel.

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5. Go green

Most of us are on a mission to save the planet and knowing you’re doing your bit will ensure a better future for you and your children.  

Be more conscious about the plastic you’re using, the lights you’re leaving on and the food you might be wasting and try to cut down as much as you can. 

There are so many ways you can partake in saving the planet and it doesn’t even need to be difficult. 

6. Be grateful

Once a day, every day find one thing you’ve been truly thankful for. It doesn’t have to be a million pound lottery win, because once you learn to appreciate even the small things you do have you’ll be a much happier person all round. 

Even if it’s as simple as a delicious sandwich you savoured at lunchtime, take the time to be grateful for it.

7. Read a book

You might think you don’t have time for a good book, but once you rediscover the luxury of reading you’ll suddenly find you’re happy to swap a little TV time for some quality page turning.

8. Print out your photos

Look at how many photos you’ve taken and how many you’ve actually had printed out. It’ll only take a few minutes to scroll through all those memory laden snapshots and pick a few to have printed.

9. Unsubscribe

Instead of wasting all that time every morning hitting delete on the masses of junk mail or unwanted emails, take time to unsubscribe. There are plenty of services you can use, such as and you can save up space on your inbox and save precious time too. 

10. Listen to a TedTalk

There are so many inspirational, funny, moving and educational TedTalks that it’s easy to find one to listen to. Many of them are short and sweet but can give you a real boost. If time is a factor then listen to one in the car, on headphones when you’re doing the washing or even as you’re falling asleep. 

11. Put your phone away for an evening

A novel idea to become more engaged and present is to have a phone-free evening. Unplug from your smartphone to plug into the people and activities around you. 

12. Stretch

You don’t have to learn to do the splits to benefit from stretching. A good stretch – which can involve simply sitting, dropping your shoulders and rolling you’re neck from side to side – can release tension and keep you a little more flexible. Consider a quick 20-minute yoga routine in the mornings. 

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13. Enjoy the great outdoors

This year we have spent way too much time inside. But getting outside works wonders for your wellbeing. For every day you have to spend tucked away inside, ensure you’re getting a decent amount of outdoor time too. Don’t forget to fit in your 10k steps each day.

14. Walk after dinner

It’s easy to crawl to the sofa after dinner and settle down for a night in front of the television. But sometimes it’s a really good time to go for a stroll or a brisk walk. Not only will it burn some extra calories and get you outside but it’ll make you less likely to snack or indulge in unhealthy nightly habits too. 

15. Cleanse your social media

If scrolling through Facebook or Instagram makes you feel more ill than elated then it’s time for a cleanse. You should feel positive vibes from friends and acquaintances, not envy or unhappiness. Unfollow all the people that don’t bring you joy even if that leaves you with four followers. Better yet, do a social media detox.

16. Revisit music

Who doesn’t love some feel good music? Dig out some tunes you haven’t heard in an age, which you know makes you smile, and bring joy into your life with some happy hits. 

17. Say no

How much time have you spent saying ‘yes’? It’s time to muster up the power to say ‘no’. When you’re spreading yourself too thin it can leave you pretty empty for everyone. So it’s time to cross off those commitments you feel you have to go to and say no for once. It’ll feel empowering and leave you with more time to do what you truly want. 

18. Plan a games night

Sometimes you don’t need a night out on the town, just a bit of company and some silliness at home helps take the edge off. Plan an evening with good friends, easy food and a few cocktails. 

19. Make a mini-goal

Set yourself a small, and achievable goal – maybe 10 minutes of meditation a day – and when you make it past one month, then another and then another it’ll become a habit you won’t even have to think twice about. 

20. Enjoy morning meditation

Before you roll over and pick up your phone take 5-minutes to do some gentle breathing, mediation and relaxation in bed. Relax from head to toe, try to think of only positive things and breathe deeply for a tiny bit of chill before you launch into emails and the pressures of the day.

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21. Give yourself a spa treatment

You don’t even have to get out of the house to get a spa worthy treatment. Next time you’re feeling like you need some R&R but have just 20 minutes there are plenty of ways to treat yourself. Grab some of Lumity’s 4-in-1 Cleanse and use it as a face mask for a nourishing facial. Follow it up with a facial massage using Lumity Skin Nutrients Facial Oil or simply have a long, hot soak in the bath.

22. Do something for someone else

Release the feel good endorphins by doing something for something else! The power of giving is strong and can make you feel on top of the world. Whether it’s smiling at something, opening a door, giving to charity or making the decision to volunteer you can make a world of difference by giving rather than taking. 

23. Get 10-minutes of exercise

While 150 minutes of exercise weekly is ideal, you can always start small with just a 10-minute daily workout. Once you begin you’ll likely end up doing longer and if you don’t at least you know you’ve squeezed in a quick bit of keep fit each and every day. Whether it’s yoga, pilates, a quick HIIT routine or a jog around the neighbourhood, it all counts. 

24. Phone a friend

Social media and modern technology means that people convince themselves they’ve been in touch with friends when they’ve liked an image or sent a text. But nothing can replace the benefits of a real conversation. 

So make a date to meet up with a friend for coffee or at the very least pick up the phone or FaceTime them for a proper chat. 

25. Make a date night

It sounds so simple and yet many couples fail to make date night happen. Plan a day, put it in the diary and make a plan. Even if it’s a meal at home, use the time to connect and not just stare at the TV. 

26. Visit a personal shopper

You may think of it as indulgence a visit to a personal shopper can be free! Book yourself in for a complimentary session and have a professional give you some style guidance. 

You are under no obligation to buy anything, but you can still get some great ideas to revamp the wardrobe you already have or treat yourself to some new items too.

27. Eat lunch away from your desk

Working through lunch seems to have become the norm so make a conscious effort to get away from your desk to eat your lunch. It could be that you take a stroll to the local cafe or you eat in the park. Wherever you go just focus on your food and your surroundings rather than your phone. 

28. Have dinner as a family

We know family mealtimes aren’t always relaxing but making a point of sitting down all together to have your meals will not only better your relationships it could actually lower your stress levels, not to mention make for potentially healthy food options.

Even if your schedules don’t permit you to do it every day, aim for once a week and go from there. 

29. Dance when nobody is watching

There’s not much more invigorating than whacking on a great, upbeat tune and having a boogie. It can put a smile on even the most stressed out or grumpiest of us. Let loose while nobody is looking and we bet it’ll be near impossible not to smile.

30. Cross an item off your to-do-list

Crossing off something on your to-list is so satisfying and if you’re doing this challenge then you already have a daily task to tick off. A daily feeling of accomplishment doesn’t have to be something monumental and the simple act of being able to say ‘done’ feels great. 

31. Be consistent with your Lumity supplements each day

Consistency is key with supplements for best results. Set aside 28 days where you’re really careful to take your morning and bedtime doses of Lumity. The fact is you can’t get all you need to function at your best each day from food alone and with winter on the way you may as well give your body the best chance possible to fight off seasonal bugs, plus who doesn’t want gorgeous skin, hair and nails as well as more energy and better rest at night? Get the glow.

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