How to use hypnotherapy to stop worrying and start living

-Nov 18, Jenny Paul, Mind -

We have all heard the saying, ‘mind over matter’ but is it really that simple? We examine the mind-body connection and ask if the key to being happy and worry-free lies deep within ourselves.

With stress, happiness levels and what we eat coming up time and time again as causes of accelerated ageing, it’s certainly worth considering a few lifestyle changes if you want to avoid that – as well as the variety of related illnesses.

Why happiness is a choice

But what if you simply can’t stop stressing out, eating junk food (or dis-comfort food as we have started calling it) or feeling fed up? After all, we all know that old habits die hard. Experts insist that happiness is a choice and, if you’re not careful, being unhappy, negative and moody can become a habit – which is arguably as bad for you as smoking.

How hypnotherapy can help tame any problem 

Hypnotherapy is one field of alternative medicine where people report fantastically positive results after trying it to tackle a specific problem. It seems to do the trick for smokers who have tried and failed to stop for years. And, hypnotherapy also works well for combating anxiety as well as weight loss.

Simon Maryan, MM, PhD of The Mind-Body Coach tells Lumity that he firmly believes in the mind-body connection:

“I have been using hypnosis with clients for weight loss for almost 20 years and have seen a variety of results over those years,” Simon explains. “As I have learnt more about what makes people tick, I have found hypnosis to be extremely effective in helping people change their perception of themselves, what they believe about themselves and how they think and talk about themselves.

“This makes such a huge difference in enabling people to create new, positive and productive habits that can completely turn their lives around.

“I worked with one particular client in the last 18 months that lost 4 stone in 4 months and has lost another 1.5 stone since then. They found a new lease of life and really enjoy exercise and socialising again and they are almost a completely different person from the one I met at their first session.”

Free hypnotherapy downloads you can do at home 

Roger Elliot, founder of Uncommon Knowledge, which features a library of instant hypnotherapy downloads for every emotional problem you can imagine, agrees that if you can relax your body, your mind will follow:

“Many people try to improve their mood by striving to figure out why they feel bad. This is a dead-end strategy, as are many other common approaches.

“With hypnotherapy, it will first relax you deeply, then move your mind and body into a different state, where your emotions and hormonal balance will help you feel better.

“It will enable your unconscious mind to bring forth a new, more relaxed, more upbeat emotion. You will enjoy deep, peaceful relaxation, and experience the old mood drifting away from you. You will get a refreshing break, and gain perspective on whatever was making you feel bad.”

Why laughter is the key to happiness 

And, he underlines that laughing will help you feel less stressed instantly: “It is well-known that laughter releases endorphins in the brain, nature’s ‘feel good’ chemicals.”

To get you started if you’re interested, there’s a free hypnotherapy session here. And, we’ve put together six anxiety-busting tips, which will help improve your mood instantly the next time you’re feeling stressed or down.


How do you deal with stress, anxiety and mood-related issues like reaching for comfort food? Let us know in the comments below… 

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