Is your skin getting enough water?

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The impact of dehydration on our health has been well documented but did you know it can have diabolical consequences for our skin too?
The impact of dehydration on our health has been well documented but did you know it can have diabolical consequences for our skin too?

It’s often assumed that if you’re skin is dry and flaky then it’s dehydrated, however oily or combination skin can just as easily be lacking in water.

Tell-tale signs of dehydrated skin differ drastically from if your skin type is just naturally dry, so how exactly can you tell?

Dehydrated or dry skin?

Dehydration is actually a skin condition whereas dryness is a skin type. Dry skin is caused by a lack of natural oil called sebum which helps skin retain moisture. 

Dehydrated skin doesn’t have enough water, but it’s not just caused by the individual not drinking enough, other factors such as environment, diet, weather and sweating can all have an impact.

How to test if skin is dehydrated

There is a simple way to see if your skin is hydrated, you just have to pinch it. Squeeze a small area of skin on your cheek lightly. If it springs back you’re skin cells are likely plumped up with enough water, but if it wrinkles and doesn’t bounce back your skin may be dehydrated.

What are the signs of dehydrated skin?

There are several signs which can indicate your skin is lacking in water. 

 – it looks lacklustre

 – it’s rough to touch

 – it’s tight

 – it’s sensitive

 – it shows fine lines and wrinkles

 – it’s sagging

 – it’s itchy

 – you have dark shadows under your eyes and around your nose

 – your eyes are sunken

How to correct dehydrated skin?

The obvious thing to do is to drink more water and to eat water rich foods such as spinach, cucumber and watermelon. But if you are already consuming the recommended eight glasses of water a day then there’s a chance you may need more. Your body size, weight and your activity levels can affect how much you need.

Also look at other aspects of your lifestyle. If you are getting the recommended intake of water but your skin still looks dull, perhaps you are consuming too much caffeine or sugar which can have a negative impact on your skin.

Maybe you’re not replenishing your water levels after a sweaty workout. Smoking and lack of sleep can also make your skin look dull.

Hot showers, low humidity and central heating all contribute towards skin dehydration, as can direct sunlight. So slather on the sunscreen and consider investing in a dehumidifier.

Products to hydrate skin

In addition to taking into account all of the above, you can also get some hydration help from a product like Lumity Skin Nutrients Facial Oil. This luxurious oil helps to replenish moisture leaving your skin more supple and smooth. It just takes a few drops massaged into your skin morning and night or you could even add it to your moisturiser.

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