Isabella Rossellini: ‘Seek pleasing yourself rather than youth’

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Isabella Rossellini: ‘Seek pleasing yourself rather than youth’

Isabella Rossellini is 65-years-old and proud of it. The Italian beauty is embracing her age and with a new beauty campaign under her belt she’s talking about what keeps her looking and feeling great in her 60s.


It was 22-years-ago that Isabella Rossellini was fired from her 14-year reign as the face of an Italian cosmetics company for famously being “too old”.

Now in a somewhat ironic but inspiring twist the timeless beauty and daughter of Ingrid Bergman is back on their books. And, she’s shedding light on how family, fashion and living life on an organic farm keeps her healthy and happy.

Isabella on why beauty is more than skin deep


She carved a career out of her good looks but despite this Isabella does not take beauty at face value.

“What confounded me a few years back was the huge importance Elettra – Isabella’s daughter – and her friends bestowed to physical appearance,” the ‘Blue Velvet’ star told The Telegraph. “I thought that after so many years of feminism, that the new generations, moving far beyond simple measurements, would have redefined beauty first and foremost as the expression of one’s self – which for me constitutes elegance and therefore beauty. I believe that women and their place in society continues to evolve. Things are improving; my returning to Lancôme is tangible proof of that! It’s not only positive for myself but for all women.”


Why family means everything to her


The star has two children, Elettra from her brief second marriage in the 1980’s to Jonathan Wiedemann and an adopted son, Roberto. Isabella – whose first husband was Martin Scorsese – credits her son and daughter for her happiness.

“I support them, delighted that they are passionate, and we remain very close,” she told the newspaper. “But they are adults, have their own lives, it’s normal! My daughter is involved with cuisine, my son is pursuing his photography and modelling career. I recently shared the runway with my son, and I like working with my children but much less so for them most probably! My definition of happiness is affection for my family and friends. My greatest fear is losing my children.”


Walking is what keeps Isabella fit


As a child Isabella was diagnosed with scoliosis and had to undergo painful corrective surgery. Because of this she’s limited to what exercise she can now do but that doesn’t mean she skips physical activity all together!

“I have always had a very delicate back and therefore cannot practice any sports,” she said. “But I walk a lot, four, five kilometres per day including indoors if the weather does not permit it. The countryside is very restorative. It lets you slow down the rhythm and isolate yourself.”


Why Isabella shuns wrinkle injections


Isabella lives and breathes her organic lifestyle and this means cosmetic procedures are out!

“I have an organic farm. I eat organic food not to look younger, but to preserve my health,” she told the Daily Mail. “I use good creams to take care of my skin. I cannot reconcile eating organic food and doing Botox.

“Some of my friends do yoga, eat organic, avoid alcohol, but they do Botox. I say, how can you live with that? It’s a total contradiction!”


Laughter is key for staying younger for longer


“The first thing I notice in a woman is humour, for sure. And then a certain originality, a personal, genuine touch. That for me is elegance. We are used to saying and thinking that women sacrifice themselves throughout their lives. With time, we understand that it is better to do things for oneself. So, seek pleasing yourself rather than youth. My most precious memory is of my parents, Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rossellini. They never leave my mind. They were so full of joy! How we laughed together and really, nothing compares to laughter. Now I would describe myself as joyful and funny.”


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