Jane Seymour reveals why growing older is a ‘privilege’

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Jane Seymour on why growing older is a privilege
There aren’t many women who would feel comfortable posing for Playboy let alone when you’re 67-years-old. But earlier this year Jane Seymour did just that and sent a powerful message that you can be sensual at any age.


Jane Seymour proudly shed her inhibitions – along with a few layers – to become the oldest woman to grace the pages of Playboy magazine earlier this year and now she’s sharing how she’s kept her sparkle, sense of humour and age-defying good looks throughout her 50-year career.


Having Botox was “a terrible mistake”


“I did Botox once because everyone said ‘You have to do Botox’ but for me it just didn’t look normal,” admits Jane. “Every time I looked at myself in the mirror I went ‘oooh’.

“I’m an actress so it’s really important to me to have all the muscles moving. So to put any fillers in or Botox in there would be a terrible mistake in my opinion. I mean for me as an actress.

“I’m 67, am I going to play 30? No. I just feel that it’s important to me to be able to express myself and to look as normal as possible. I think when a lot of people do one thing it just puts everything else a little off kilter. So when you look at them you go ‘Oh, what have they done?’ rather than ‘Oh, they look lovely.’

“I feel much sexier now than I ever did when I was younger”


Posing for Playboy 45-years after she first featured in the magazine was liberating for Jane. “I felt it was important to show you could be comfortable in your own skin, to be authentically you, and to still feel viable as a sensual woman at any age.”


“I’ll always put on an SPF”


When it comes to keeping her youthful complexion Jane says it’s simple:

“Clean, clean, clean skin. Exfoliating and then splashing cold water on afterwards to close the pores.

“Then a really great moisturiser. Find one that really goes deep into the skin rather than one that stays on the surface. I mix that with my makeup.

“But before I put my makeup on I’ll always put on an SPF. I will always protect my skin from the sun. I live in the sun and I also wear a hat most of the time. I’ll wear large dark glasses and if I’m going down onto the beach I’ll make sure I’m covered. But I’m not as religious about it as I could be because we also need Vitamin D. You want some sunshine, you just don’t want to do what I did as a kid – burn yourself!”

When it comes to exercise “sometimes I have to improvise”


“Exercise depends on where I am. Sometimes I have to improvise. If I’m at home I workout at a trainer’s across the street and there I will spin for about 25 minutes whilst lifting weights. Other than that fast walking. I try to get as much cardio as I can.”


“I’ve got long hair because I’m lazy”


“I look after my hair. I literally wash it every single day and condition it every single day. I use a hair mask not just conditioner too. I try not to abuse it with hot irons. I have it coloured every three weeks. I cut my own fringe and sometimes I’ve been known to cut my own hair at the bottom as well.

“For me long hair is easy. I just sort of roll it up and put a clip in it. I can do much more with long hair than I could with short. So that’s why I have long hair, because I’m lazy.”

“Growing older is a privilege”


“For me, I feel freer now than I did when I was 30 or 40. If you are enjoying life and you have a positive spirit, you will probably look better, live longer.

Growing older is actually a privilege. Sadly, I lost three of my closest friends last year, who were the same age as me. So for me to be here and even having this discussion is a huge privilege. Growing older is something I embrace because it means I’m around.”


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