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Everything’s better when you do it together and that goes double for the team behind Lumity’s highly efficacious, healthy ageing supplements and skincare.

Janice Gammell has been Lumity’s dynamic Managing Director since stepping into the role and making it her own in summer 2018. Hailing from Ireland and resident in Scotland with her husband and two children, Janice has managed to keep Lumity focused and on track this year, despite working from home and conducting everything from board to team meetings – including overseeing and on-boarding new hires – over Zoom.

We wanted to know how she keeps herself and the team motivated during what can only be described as an unprecedented year, and what the non-negotiable wellness must haves are that help her stay healthy and well during one of the most stressful years for businesses – and the Managing Directors who run them – in recent history.

Tell us more about yourself. Who you are, what you do, what you love, what inspires you every day?

I am an Irish woman, who has lived in the UK for over 25 years. I am married to a Scot and am a mum to two boys.  As MD of Lumity Life I am responsible for the overall performance of the company, supporting our great team and making sure our customers are happy. 

I love escaping on a wellness retreat. My favourite new experience is swimming in the sea as many days as I can, come rain or shine! Four of us started doing this from the end of March during lockdown and now there are over thirty women as part of the ‘club’. 

I am inspired every day by the creative abilities of people (starting with our own scientist Dr Sara). 

How did you first get involved with working with Lumity? and why?

I was on the first consumer trial of Lumity female supplements and was blown away by the results on my health. As a result, my husband and I were one of the original investors in the company. When Lumity set up its head office in London and had a leadership vacancy I was asked by the Board to take it on, as I had a good knowledge of the business model, knew a lot of the Team and was a loyal consumer!  It’s the classic – ‘I liked the product so much I joined the company’.

What excites you most about the business? 

On a macro level I believe that Lumity, alongside some other science led brands, will change the face of the supplement industry and help consumers make better choices. Efficacy first with formulas that work will be demanded and not just marketing ploys that push latest trends. 

What has been the biggest hurdle to overcome to date?

There have been and will continue to be lots of challenge in my role.  Ensuring we have a strong platform for growth – right team and culture, funding, partners, products, and support for our customers – has been my biggest focus to date. 

What are you most passionate about when it comes to Lumity?

As a scaling up business, I feel passionately that the whole team should share in the success of the business.  All our employees participate in an employee incentive scheme. I am also an evangelist about how our all comprehensive supplement supports the body, there is nothing else out there that takes the science of ageing and offers such natural support. I am so excited by our new range of boosters launching in January – energy, immunity and sleep.

Do you feel today is your best age? 

Yes, I turned 50 at the beginning of this year and I feel it is a great age to start thinking more about how I want to spend the most valuable commodity I have – time.  I am stronger that I have ever been and am grateful for my good health and happiness.

Does life get better with age? If so, how? 

Yes.  I think you care less about what people think and focus more on what feels right for you and those you love. You know yourself more and there is more opportunity now than ever before to learn more from others experiences and wisdom.  I also think you stop sweating the little stuff!

What does truly good health mean to you personally? 

Good health to me means feeling well and strong, both physically and mentally.

Which differences have you noticed since taking Lumity’s flagship supplements? 

Huge difference to my energy and concentration levels, deeper sleep, better pre-menstrual symptoms, good gum health, stronger nails and clearer skin. My dreams are more vivid too! My family would definitely say I am calmer.

Can you tell us why and how Lumity’s products are making a difference to your life and wellness routine?

Since taking Lumity I have more energy when I wake up which means I get up earlier and have a more peaceful start to my day.  I make better food choices which keeps my weight steady and I hardly ever wear foundation now as my skin does not need covered up.  The oil and cleanser are my staples and keep my skin clear and fresh all times of the month.  I haven’t had a sore throat 3 years, which is my Achilles heel, and if a bug or sniffles develop, they disappear very quickly. 

Which benefits did you notice as each month went by? Did the benefits get better? 

At the very beginning the very first benefit I noticed was waking up alert and clear of mind.  A joy!  Then it was deeper sleep and a real improvement in pre-menstrual symptoms.  Then my hair – my hairdresser is continually amazed by its growth.  My dentist was asking what I had done between 6 monthly appointments as my gum health went from 2s and 3s to all number 1.  The benefits continue but are not as obvious because it becomes the new normal.  I was without the supplement for a week a year ago and I really felt a bit out of sorts!

Do you have any individual wellbeing habits that you practice keeping energised and focused?

I have been practising yoga for over ten years, and this has been transformational for me.  I have some little mantras too I use when I find things getting a bit crazy (smile, breathe and go slowly, being one).  I walk every day and aim to use all my senses, rather than looking at or talking on my phone.  

How do you unwind and relax?

As well as practising yin yoga, I love a good series/box set – anything from political dramas and thrillers to good laughs like Modern family and Friday Night Dinner. My guilty pleasure is watching ‘Pointless’ on catch up! I’d love to go on the show with my son some day!  I enjoy a glass of good red wine on a Friday night and an early night with a good book is the new going out. I am craving a good boogie though and am thinking of joining a virtual boogie dance class!  

What else do you do to support inside-out health and wellness?

I take a probiotic from time to time and usually try and not eat after 8pm or for at least 2 hours after waking. I love using the Lumity jade roller too – very relaxing and great results!

Can you describe your typical day?

Life has changed a lot since Covid as I used to commute from home in Edinburgh to the office in London or our base in Glasgow. Now, I am usually up at 7am and out with the dog or a dip in the sea, if I am not on school run. Mornings are usually emails, catch ups or comms with colleagues, customers, investors or board directors.  I usually have a walk at lunchtime or a yoga class and food.  Afternoons now are more reflective and strategic, focused on reading, writing and listening to webinars/podcasts.  Of course, there is all the usual running to the shops for supplies and cooking for hungry boys.  I am keen to volunteer for something front line now I have more time with less travel.

Do you ever treat yourself to a healthy escape and if so where do you go?

Oh yes – twice I year (in normal times), I go on a yoga/wellness retreat, May and November.  May is usually in Europe and November is India.  This year my solo retreat was 4 days in Glenisla in Perthshire! However, I am looking at doing a silent retreat and a walking adventure next year.

Which question do you wish we had asked that we haven’t? 

What has the Covid outbreak made you value most?

And what is the answer to that question? 

A good hug!

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