Jennifer Aniston’s easy glowing skin smoothie

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Jen Aniston's healthy smoothie recipe
We love a healthy smoothie here at Lumity. This one is nutritious but actually tastes like a milkshake so is perfect when you’re craving something sweet.


Have you ever wondered how Jennifer Aniston manages to look better now than she did back when she was ruling the TV in her Friends heyday? 

It’s down to several factors, most importantly the star has removed all negativity and stress from her life thanks to a regime of yoga and “gratitude” where she stops each day to give thanks for all the good things in her life, instead of focusing on anything negative.

Aniston also prioritises balance, so she makes time off from filming movies to enjoy her huge gang of close friends – including Courteney Cox and taking regular holidays abroad. 

And, she eats a diet which is rich in nutritious foods – which means lots of superfoods and quality lean protein – that tends to be fairly low carb. But, she will enjoy the odd pasta or Mexican dish if she fancies it, saying it’s all about moderation in all things.

The Hollywood favourite has shared a recipe which she came up with for a breakfast smoothie that actually tastes like a milkshake: “Everyone says I should market it!” Jen says. It is packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and fibre and it’s fantastic if you’re in need of an afternoon pick-me-up. And, you can make it in minutes, so it’s super-easy to do at home.


Ingredients for Jen’s healthy milkshake


Handful of ice
1 cup chocolate almond milk
1 cup frozen cherries
1 scoop vegan protein powder, ­cocoa flavour
1/2 tablespoon maca powder
1/4 tablespoon trace mineral drops
1/2 frozen banana
Handful of blueberries
2-3 drops of chocolate Stevia
5 sprouted almonds




Place liquids in first, followed by solids. Blend, and enjoy. If you don’t have all those ingredients to hand you can make some easy swaps. Stevia is a no calorie sweetener so a drizzle of raw honey would work brilliantly, and it would give you extra nutrients and some cold and flu- busting antioxidants and phytonutrients.

But that’s not all: Jen’s former husband Justin Theroux has created this recipe, which is packed with superfood goodness and works as a dessert or an afternoon snack:


Recipe for ‘Mandalay mini vacay’


Justin Theroux's favourite snack
This gem is packed with healthy superfoods 




1 apple
2 squares dark chocolate
5 walnuts
¼ teaspoon cinnamon
Dash of cayenne
Sprinkle of salt (Himalayan pink salt is best).
Handful of goji berries



Quarter and chop an apple. Dust with cinnamon, cayenne, and salt. Coarsely chop 2 squares of dark chocolate and 5 walnuts. Add ten to twenty goji berries. Arrange on a beautiful dish. Add a shot of espresso or mint tea with honey. Enjoy!

Don’t you feel healthy and energised already? – If so now’s the perfect time to try out Jen’s ten minute happiness workout.

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