Inside Jennifer Aniston’s health and beauty secrets

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Jennifer Aniston health beauty secrets
Jennifer Aniston is looking happier and more confident than she has done in years. We wanted to dig further into her beauty and wellness secrets and find out how the star does it.


She’s got that glow, that special something, which has made her an A-List star for almost three decades. Far from fighting the signs of aging, Jen, 49, seems to have a superhuman ability to slay getting older and frankly we want in on her secrets. How does she do it? What wonder potions does she swear by? Well ponder no more because here’s how to get Jen’s look.


Work your face – don’t freeze it
Jennifer has been open in her feelings about Botox and why she thinks it can be a bad thing when it comes to aging: “Why would you want to atrophy muscles anyway?” she asks. “If you don’t workout, eventually everything drops.” Instead she uses microcurrent facials, where electrically charges pads are placed on the face and stimulate the muscles. This has an immediate tightening and toning effect and gym-bunny Jen feels more at ease with the concept. “It’s like a little workout for your face,” she says. “We are really moving forward with technology to do with our skin and it’s fabulous. I haven’t dipped into the filler world yet.”

While other celebs her age have succumbed to puffy features, Jennifer believes the quality of your skin can do more to help you look younger than filling up wrinkles. “I love laser treatments,” she reveals. “And LED red light therapy.” This procedure is non-invasive and promises to refresh with little downtime. So she can immediately be red carpet ready. Rather than inject collagen Jen prefers to increase the production of her own with Thermage which uses radiofrequency waves to stimulate collagen production and again, smooth and tighten the skin.

Move for your body and mind


There is no getting away from the fact Jennifer’s incredible figure is the result of putting the work in. She has always made time for exercise and even on holiday can often found doing some yoga or on a paddleboard. She tends to work out at home:I like to be by myself and I also have a gym. Sometimes I’ll invite my girlfriends over and we will do classes together.” Recently she has been training at Santa Monica’s Gloveworx gym with boxing guru Leyon Azubuike. “It’s the longest workout I’ve actually stayed with consistently other than yoga,” she explains. “There’s something about the metal aspect of boxing, the drills – your brain has to work, you’re not just sitting on a bike. It’s amazing. You get a mental release of all this crap you’re taking into your ears and eyes everyday, and have little fantasy moments imagining who you’re punching.”

We’re sure that at the same time Jen is keeping up with some of her other fitness passions like running too as “I just switch it up all the time, it just keeps my body unaware of what it’ll be doing next.”


Eat yourself beautiful


Jennifer truly believes on shining from the inside out and has always been conscious in her adult life about how she nourishes her body. I eat very healthily. Like, for breakfast I had a grapefruit and then I had oatmeal with some almond milk and some berries,” she says. Packed with organic vegetables and lean protein there is no disputing she’s putting in plenty of the good stuff with her diet. But she’s not obsessed and will treat herself. “I can’t say the ‘no dairy’ thing lasted very long for me,” she admits. “Trying to part me and cheese is a difficult task.” And although she tries to avoid gluten that’s more as a way to limit carbs which she finds can make her gain pounds quickly.


Nourish your skin


As well as feeding her skin from the inside, Jen makes sure the outside is buffed and nourished too. “I love the Aveeno Scrub, which I got from a make-up artist about 10 years ago. I always use it at the end of the day,” she admits. And she’s not afraid to use her own treatments too! “I have whipped up an avocado mask with egg whites.” She’s also a fan of a spa and counts her biggest indulgence as a “good two-hour massage.”


Wear less makeup – and more sunscreen!


“I had a boyfriend who always said I looked better without make-up. It took me a while to feel comfortable enough to remove that armour, but I eventually realized he was right,” says Jen who is certainly the epitome of pared down chic now. She sticks to a little tinted moisturiser and her Hauschka lip balm but doesn’t hold back when it comes to slapping on the Factor 50: “When I was younger, I would slather myself in baby oil and do everything in my power to get a burn. I was just completely uneducated,” she confesses. Though she still loves to occasionally lie out in the sun, she makes sure her skin is protected.


Embrace ageing


Rather than get angry and bitter about the passing of time and look for ways to halt the effects it has with surgery, Jennifer takes a calmer view: “I think if you take care of your skin and you eat well, I think ageing is amazing because you gain wisdom for every year lived. Ageing is wonderful!” Well it certainly is when you look as amazing as Jen!


Jennifer Aniston is looking happier and more confident than she has done in years. We wanted to find out how the star does it.


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