Joan Collins reveals the secret to staying youthful

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Dame Joan Collins is fabulous and healthy at 86 years of age and we were delighted when we got a chance to chat to her last week at the Elton John AIDS Foundation Gala in Antibes, France where she was a guest of honour along with her TV producer husband Percy Gibson, 54.

Looking radiant despite the soaring temperatures, the Dynasty star revealed her secrets to a happy marriage and looking fantastic.

When asked how she stays so vibrant and sparkling she laughed: “Have a young husband!”

Joan Collins on the key to a happy marriage

Discussing the secret to a happy marriage, Joan joked: “The secret to OUR marriage is separate bathrooms!”

We wondered about her friendship with man-of-the-night Elton and she said: “I’ve been friends with him for a very long time, for over forty years.”
On what she was looking forward to at Elton’s gala, Joan said: “I’m looking forward to seeing Chris Martin, I think he’s rather great.” 

Joan has homes in the South of France, London, New York and Los Angeles although she says her favourite bedroom of all is at her home in the UK.

What Joan misses about London

When asked about what she misses about being away from home in London, she reeled off a list: “We’re not away from the UK that much but when I am I’ll tell you what I miss. I miss the papers, I miss London taxis, I miss the crappy weather.” 

Looking picture-perfect despite the stifling Cote d’Azur heat, Joan insists that one of her best beauty tips was gleaned from Marilyn Monroe’s make-up artist, and it’s free as well.

Joan Collins reveals her beauty secrets

She says: “My best tip before all events, I get a bowl of ice and cotton pads, place them on my eyes, lay down for five minutes and it works a treat.”

Joan also advises to wipe a layer of Vaseline over teeth so lipstick doesn’t smear across your smile. She insists that it’s important not to get too stressed because it shows in your face, and to wear SPF, a large sunhat and sunglasses in the sun but sit in the shade. Joan adds that bed by 10pm and eating healthily are crucial if you want to look and feel great.

Collins might look fantastic but talking about her age is off bounds. Ageism is a subject that rightly irritates her and she feels it’s one of the last socially acceptable prejudices.

Why Joan Collins refuses to discuss her age

“People feel they can make fun of older people—even older people who look good,” she says. “You’re not supposed to say that someone has a big nose or frizzy hair or whatever. But you’re allowed to say, ‘She can hardly walk into the room!’”

The first-ever Elton John AIDS Foundation Midsummer Party hosted by Sir Elton John and David Furnish raised €5.5 million for the global effort to end AIDS. The star-studded gala was held on Wednesday, July 24th at Johnny Pigozzi’s beautiful Villa Dorane in Cap d’Antibes on the Côte d’Azur in the South of France.

Sir Elton John discusses his foundation

Speaking before the event, Elton told us: “I’m looking forward to everyone having a good time because they’ve paid an awful lot of money. We know that our expenses are very low and that we can raise a lot of money. We’re very grateful for Johnny Pigozzi for lending us his house and we’re going to have a great evening. It’s about raising money for people who need it and giving everybody here a fabulous time so they come back again. We decided to hold it in the South of France because we thought it would be nice to make a change. We usually have it at our house in Windsor, but this year I couldn’t because I was on tour. I was on tour during Wimbledon week which is when we usually have it, so this year we decided to try and have it in the South of France and the response has been fantastic.”

David Furnish added: “We’ve had a home down here for twenty two years and it’s just a part of the world that we love. We come down here every summer. We have a lot of local friends and thought it would be great to have a party here.”

Elton on how young people can broach the subject of HIV

Elton offered advice for how young people should broach the subject of HIV and asking a new partner about their status: “It’s very important for people to address their situation. If they keep it to themselves it builds up stigma and it hinders their recovery because they’re not willing to get tested. So the thing is for people to get tested, to know their status, not to be ashamed of it, it’s a very treatable disease. It’s incredibly treatable.” 

David Furnish added, “The more conversation we have around HIV and AIDS the more we reduce the stigma surrounding the disease. We just have to talk about it as though it’s a part of everyday life. Being open and honest about your status and testing and your partner’s status is very important. We still see countries where it’s illegal to be gay and we see a huge rise in infections where we see any stigmatising of the disease to the point where in the South in America one in two gay black men will contract HIV.”

The Foundation welcomed Sir Elton John and David Furnish, Alina Baikova, Michael Bell, Alfie Boe, Romero Britto, Tania Bryer, Joan Collins, Simon de Pury, Taron Egerton, DJ Fat Tony, Rachel Fuller, Mathilde Gohler, Stjepan Hauser, Sandra Lee, Lara Leito, Julian Lennon, Chris Levine, Siran Manoukian, Chris Martin, Lily Safra, Caroline Scheufele, Pete Townshend, Lynn Wyatt and Lily Donaldson among others.

The evening featured a cocktail reception and a sumptuous Provençal dinner accompanied by beautiful dinner music provided by Stjepan Hauser of 2Cellos. After dinner, Simon de Pury hosted a live auction of unique and luxurious items and experiences, including the first edition of the new Bentley, a beautiful Yamaha piano used in the Rocketman film and autographed by Sir Elton John and Taron Egerton, a custom Gucci jacket worn by Egerton in the Rocketman film and tickets to see Elton’s farewell tour, a stunning piece of Chihuly art glass, and a trip to Los Angeles on American Airlines to attend our 2020 Academy Awards Viewing Party and stay at the new H Club.

Chris Martin of Coldplay thrilled guests with an amazing performance and was joined on stage by Elton John during the set for a resounding performance of “I’m Still Standing” and “Rocketman.” DJs Fat Tony and Jodie Harsh set the tone for the evening by spinning tunes for the cocktail reception and after party around Johnny Pigozzi’s famous pool.

Elton John said, “It’s because of the consistent support and kindness of so many people in this room that we are able to commit the Elton John AIDS Foundation to real partnerships with world leaders that can a make a future without AIDS.”

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Lede image by Jenny Paul

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