Jodie Comer: ‘Your ability to do your job is worth more than your appearance’

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Fresh from her Bafta win, Jodie Comer is Killing Eve once again. And we can't get enough of the fabulous actress who is breaking all the showbiz rules!

We have been Jodie Comer fans for a while now – from her break out role in My Fat Diary to her sensitive portrayal of a kidnap victim in 13 through to her starring roles in Doctor Foster and Killing Eve.

As Killing Eve returns to our screens and Jodie, 26, celebrates her first best actress Bafta, we look at the beauty and style secrets of this self-confessed ‘home bird’ from Liverpool who has captured hearts on both sides of the Atlantic. 

Jodie is a skin obsessive!

One of Jodie’s most distinguishing features is her absolutely stunning clear skin. And she is happy to admit having skin that perfect is not by accident – she has always looked after her skin and always will. She admits friends rib her for the way she panics at blemishes and takes her routine so seriously. Especially when it comes to making sure she has sunscreen on. “Every day, rain or snow. I try and tell everyone how important this is, and they’re all like, ‘Shut up, I’m not putting 50 on when it’s thunder and lightning outside.’ And I’m like, ‘You can still get the damage!’ ” 

An ounce of prevention is key for someone with so much power and versatility in her features—forehead-freezing injections down the road just won’t do. “Although maybe I need to chill with the crazy expressions or I’ll be a prune by age 40,” she jokes. But she makes sure she has facials at least monthly with top facialist Jasmina Vico and favours The Vico Glow facial. It involves a mix of acidic peels, laser, facial massage and hydration, tailor-made to the individual. “For Jodie, I take into account what her skin needs,” explains Jasmina. “I look at her hydration levels every time we meet and we alter her treatment to bring everything back into balance and enhance her natural glow. I have high-end equipment such as red and blue LED lights, clinical microneedling tools and 3D and 4D lasers, which all contribute to the end result, plus my expertise and intuition have always helped. I believe everyone can achieve beautiful skin and I live by this motto.”

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How Jodie came to love her body shape

Jodie has been celebrated for not feeling the need to slim to a size zero and instead has a healthy figure which she frankly rocks. But although she seems totally confident in her own skin, that has not always been the case. “Growing up as a teen, I always struggled with my weight and body image,” she confesses. “Always worrying about the way you look or your weight for certain roles – that has always been a big insecurity of mine. A big thing is trying to accept that, with acting, the reason for getting a part or not getting part isn’t always about your talent or how talented people think you are; a lot of it is about your looks.”

To help overcome her insecurities, Jodie has learnt to place more importance on her skilled craft. “What I’m trying to do – and I feel like I’m succeeding a little bit in – is your ability to act, or whatever your job is, is worth so much more than how you look.”

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She’s learnt how to dress to suit her body

Her character Villanelle has been hailed as a fashion icon and we love all the changes she makes while becoming different characters. In real life Jodie favours a Parisian sense of style: “Everything they do is so effortless, or at least seems it! You never want to look like you’ve made too much of an effort, ideally it would look like you rolled out of bed looking that way, I think that’s always attractive.” She’s most likely to be found in some jeans as she loves her denim and feels she has really developed an understanding of what works best for her body type. “When I was 16 I used to buy a lot of vintage dresses,” she explains. “Not that vintage dresses are bad, but the ones I used to buy just weren’t flattering on my body, they were always too long and two sizes too big. Imagine Dot Cotton from EastEnders, yes I know! Now I’m that bit older I know what looks good on my figure and what doesn’t.”

How Jodie uses exercise for positive mental health

As someone who loves her home and family more than anything in the world being on set in locations around the world can be mentally taxing. “It can be intense, always having eyes on you,” she says. “Sometimes I’ll lock myself away and just go into a bubble. And then I have to go home and catch up on life.”

In order to cope she has developed strategies which are also very portable! “If I’ve had a long day, I’ll dance  around my room – it’s not even proper dancing, just moving my body,” she explains. “And exercise really helps. I went to a spin class last night and at the end [the instructor] turned the music and lights off and said, ‘Think of something that’s holding you back’. Then she counted to three and we all had to scream. It was amazing. Most of what holds you back is yourself.”

And as she’s got older and become more respected in her field, Jodie has also had to try and leave her people pleasing days behind her. “Now that I am so aware of how I feel, I’m very confident in saying how I feel. Maybe you need something by a certain time, it slips under the net, and I’ll say, ‘I need this in order to do the work that I need to do.’” We can’t wait to see what she does next.

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