Kate on the wisdom she has learned during the past 77 years

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Kate on the wisdom she has learnt in 77 years
Kate Tanswell is 77-years-old and fabulous! She’s walked the red carpet at the Golden Globes, stunned at the Emmys and been her son’s plus one at a whole host of star-studded events. Here, she talks to Lumity about the wisdom she’s learnt over the years – from confidence, to fashion and beauty as well as what she says is the biggest myth about ageing. 


Even though she could pass for one, she’s not an actress herself, but that doesn’t mean she’s not a star. When she’s not visiting her youngest child in Hollywood she’s a dedicated wife, mum, grandmother to 12 and a great grandmother of six and she looks just as incredible in her role in London as she does in her one in LA.

Here Kate, pictured below, talks to Lumity about beauty, style and inspiration and why your age should never stop you doing anything.


Kate on the wisdom she has learnt in 77 years



How to gain confidence with age


Speaking to Kate it’s hard not to be mesmerised by her sparkly blue eyes, her perfectly bobbed hair and the fact that she looks so amazing. But she’s also as gorgeous on the inside as she is on the outside making her an all round beauty.

A dedicated family woman with a whole host of grandchildren, Kate is kept on her toes by her loved ones and she wouldn’t have it any other way. But don’t ever expect to see her mooching around in sweatpants or hiding her neat figure under baggy clothes.

“l have always worked at trying to look the best that l can,” she admits. Why? “Because the biggest confidence booster is when people give you compliments.”

And she earns plenty of those from strangers, loved ones and even celebrities. But she bashfully bats that fact away insisting: “It’s important as you get older to try to look your best and take credit for the compliments that you receive especially from people that you meet.”


Is it time to change your beauty regime?


Although Kate doesn’t disclose too much detail of her beauty regime she admits she’s had to change it up as she ages, because she recognises what worked in her 40s doesn’t necessarily work today.

“My beauty routine has become more regimental as l am learning all the time about new products and the benefits of using them,” Kate explains. “It’s also fun and exciting to continue learning new things.”


Too much change can be a bad thing


One lesson she won’t be repeating though is dramatically changing her locks! Even though there are ways you can switch up your hair style and colour to suit your age, Kate admits she did it all wrong.

“Colouring my hair dark after being blonde forever was the biggest beauty blunder I’ve ever made,” she states. “I won’t go down that path again.”

And Kate takes so much pride in her hair still that she insists there’s one beauty tool she simply can’t get by without.

“My hairdryer. I can’t live without it.”


Why you should never sleep in your makeup


Kate doesn’t spend a fortune on beauty products, even though she does like to experiment. In addition to the simple things like wearing sunscreen and moisturising she also says there’s one easy tip to follow and she’s sworn by it forever.

“I ALWAYS remove make up before going to bed,” Kate says. “It doesn’t matter how tired I am, I always go to bed with a clean face.”

Sleeping in your make-up can cause havoc for your skin no matter what your age. Foundation left on the skin can cause breakouts and eye make-up thats left on can clog hair follicles causing infections. Not to mention what can happen to your pretty pout if you leave your waxy lipstick to fester overnight.


Finding your sense of style


It can be difficult to find your sense of style no matter what your age, but Kate’s kept abreast of fashion and most importantly knows what suits her.

“By now I know what I can possibly get away with and I’m comfortable knowing what looks good on me.”

Her age certainly isn’t stopping her from experimenting with new styles and trends either.

“Age should never be a reason not to try new trends especially with all the guidance available out there with how to adapt different styles.”

In fact Kate has such a great eye for fashion she’s become the family style guru.

“I love communicating with all age groups,” she says. “My grandsons’ partners email me for approval in what they intend to wear for upcoming festivals etc. My granddaughters are even happy to wear any clothes that l have that are redundant.”


Healthy eating for longevity


Kate keeps in shape by remaining active and following a healthy diet. She admits there are no fast fixes and she strongly believes that while there are plenty of channels to assist you in your quest for the healthiest possible body it’s down to you as the individual to take control of it.

“I eat mainly fish, fruit-and vegetables with the occasional toast and strawberry jam treat,” she says. “I believe that you are responsible for doing your best to stay healthy. That’s down to you.”


Finding inspiration and inspiring others


Kate’s quest to live her happiest and healthiest life is an inspiration and it was her own mother who gave her, her passion for life.

“My mum inspired me to always keep busy. She worked full-time, taking two trains on her journey to work, until she was 75-years-old.  She was naturally beautiful inside and out. She was a wonderful woman, who always had immaculate hair!”

And as for who Kate wants to inspire?

“I would be happy to inspire any of the people that I meet daily.Whether strangers that l talk to or family and friends. I love communicating with people from any walk of life.”


Myths about ageing


There are a whole host of myths about ageing from ‘it’s all downhill after…..’ to ’I’m too old to change’ but for Kate there’s one misconception that angers her the most.

“It annoys me when people say that older people need to conform. If you want to jump on a trampoline or feel the need to power walk everywhere then carry on regardless.”


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