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Lee Janogly is a grandmother of seven, fitness instructor and best-selling author who is almost 80. She reveals why age is irrelevant

Lee Janogly is a grandmother of seven, a personal trainer, fitness instructor and best-selling author who is almost 80. The remarkably fit diet coach talks to Lumity about keeping in shape and why it’s never too late to find a workout for you.

Lee Janogly, who is pictured below, is a force to be reckoned with. She tells us that she is far from “typical” and her no nonsense approach to exercise and wellness has kept her – and her clients – looking and feeling fantastic, well into their 80s and beyond.

Lee Janogly is a grandmother of seven, fitness instructor and best-selling author who is almost 80. She reveals why age is irrelevant

‘I teach eight classes a week’

“If you exercise it makes such a difference,” says Lee.  “You move in a different way, your posture is better and you stride out. You can run, jump and do everything and that also gives the impression of being younger.”

When asked what her weeks generally entail she breaks down a pretty impressive timetable.

“I still teach. I teach about eight classes a week and I also do one-to-one personal training.”

“I can still do a tough aerobic class”

“If I’m not teaching a class for some reason I’ll go and try out a class somewhere else instead. I like to challenge myself and go to a class that’s more difficult. I might be the oldest there but it’s good that I can keep up. I can still do a tough aerobic class or a body conditioning class with weights and that makes me feel great.”

Some of Lee’s clients have been going to her classes for more than 40 years and she credits her regular cardio, stretch and flexibility routines for keeping them fit.

‘Some of my clients are in their 80s’

“I teach older people,” Lee explains. “So most of them are in their 70s but I have three who are in their 80s too. Because they’ve been coming to me for 40 years or more they are still very fit. 

“We have an aerobic warm up with grapevine and leg curls. We do plenty of squats that get your heart rate up. We stretch, workout our arms with weights and stay flexible with some fun dance moves. We always have a session of tough abs too.”

‘Be prepared to exercise on a regular basis’

Lee clearly loves exercise and has been doing it for decades,  but is it ever too late to find a passion for keeping in shape?

“Find something you are prepared to do, but you don’t hate,” suggests Lee. “I mean if you turn up at a gym and you take one look at all those machines and it looks like a torture chamber you won’t go back again. 

“Lots of people are finding they like the ’50 Plus’ which is happening in gyms all over the place now. Don’t worry if you can’t get all the steps right away because it does take a few visits. 

Experiment, go swimming, kick boxing, walk. Whatever it is, you have to be prepared to do it on a regular basis.”

‘Exercise isn’t just for the body’

Lee swears that working out regularly will help your body and your mind too.

“Exercise is brilliant for lifting your spirits because everyone gets down now and then. But after a good session, especially with good music, you come out of there feeling so much better.”

Of course she preaches the benefits of eating healthy food too. Two of the most popular books that she’s written are, ‘Stop Bingeing’ and ‘Only Fat People Skip Breakfast’. 

I’m careful about what I eat’

Lee insists she’s not about dieting as such but she is about the philosophy of ‘Living Slim’ and enjoys guiding people who are struggling with their weight with her common-sense approach. 

“I’m careful,” she says of her own diet. “I chose food for health. But I’m not fanatical. If I fancy an ice cream I’ll have it. Just not every day.”

When she isn’t writing, exercising or providing guidance she keeps young with her grandchildren.

“The youngest is 11 now so I only see the in the school holidays,” she says. “But they all keep fit too so one thing we all love to do is make up dance routines in my studio.”

‘Learning something new keeps you young’

Lee is determined to stay active as long as humanly possible and hopes other members of the older generation will find her inspiring enough to get off the sofa. 

“There are old people of all shapes and sizes doing it, so men and women should think, why can’t I? It’s a great way of making new friends you learn something new too.

“If you base your age and what you are capable of on the other people your age who are inactive and sitting around gaining weight then you don’t see the other side of it. There are lots of older people who are in shape and it’s about time people focus on them.”

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