9 reasons why life gets better over 40

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Turning 40 has long instilled dread in people, but there are some very good reasons why life can be better than ever when you’re over 40-years-old.

Life over 40 – You’ve heard people say; “life begins at 40” or “40 is the new 30” but it’s often easier to hear than it is to believe.  All too often women think it’s all downhill after the big 4-0, they can’t really be fabulous at 50 or feel better than ever at 60. But we’ve got 9 reasons why life over 40 and beyond can be a blessing, not a curse.

1. You’re Happier

This should put a smile on your face. It’s been scientifically proven that you get happier with age. So if you’re happy now, just imagine how cheerful you’ll be by the time you hit 70.

2. You’re Healthier

It’s perhaps not surprising, but as you get older you become more concerned with your health. When you were in your teens and 20s you likely didn’t think twice about gorging on fast food or drinking too much. But as your metabolism slows and the phrase “a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips” becomes a reality you think more about what you are putting in your body and the impact it will have. This can lead to healthier food choices and a healthier lifestyle over 40.

3. Fad Diets Are A Thing of The Past 

The cayenne pepper and lemon juice can be pushed right to the back of the cupboard because by now you’ve realised that fad diets are out and a healthy, balanced lifestyle is in.

4. Farewell to Hangovers

It’s time to enjoy fine wine, rather than tequila shots and that means hanging up your hangover hat and waking up feeling fresh after a night with your fabulous friends. Which takes us to our next 40+ point.

5. You’ve Got Great Friends

There’s always room to forge new relationships and find new friends but over 40 you’ve probably got a great circle of trustworthy pals who you don’t have to play games with – unless it’s how much Pinot Grigio you can get through in one night of course!

6. You’re in the Best Shape of Your Life

That’s right! Just because you’re over 40 doesn’t mean you have to bid farewell to a killer body. Just look at the likes of Elle McPherson, 53, Halle Berry, 51 and Christie Brinkley, 64, who have refused to let a number dictate their physical form. Even if you’ve never done a day of exercise in your entire life it’s NEVER too late to begin.

7. Appreciate What You’ve Got

Decades on this earth mean you’ve seen and experienced a lot – good and bad. After 40 little things irk you less and you can appreciate everything you DO have rather than wasting time dwelling on what you DON’T.

8. Your Own Sense of Style

You shop for clothes that suit you and your figure, rather than for purely whats on trend. You can still be fashion forward, but you enjoy knowing you no longer feel bad just because the latest catwalk craze doesn’t look good on your frame.

9. You Feel Young Again

Your kids might find it embarrassing but you can now put the energy you once spent trying way too hard to be cool, into doing what you actually want! And if that means dancing when EVERYONE is watching, just as you did when you were a child, so be it. As you get older you care less what about what people think of you and that’s a liberating feeling.


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