Live every day like you’re on holiday!

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We've taken a look at some simple ways to help you feel as though you're on holiday all year round so you can keep that feel good feeling going
Holidays are amazing for unwinding and regaining your zest for life, but when you step back into your regular life those stressless, sun soaked days can seem like a lifetime away. We’ve taken a look at some simple ways to help you feel as though you’re on holiday all year round.

If you want to continue to reap the wellbeing rewards of a glorious getaway you can do it without splashing out on another plane ticket. 

Even if a sunshine holiday is out of your grasp at the moment, you can easily incorporate some of that feeling into your daily life and give yourself the buzz you get when you’re far away from home.

Make me-time

Without the strains of every day life it can be easy to lay back on a sun lounger, grab a book and just relax. When we are at home though we just end up feeling guilty for taking time to do nothing. Me-time is important though. Even if it’s just 10-minutes of meditation, a bubble bath or half an hour to read a book try to calm yourself by doing something you find relaxing.

Prioritise proper sleep

Forget about all your worries! That’s what people do when they go on holiday and often this leads to quality sleep. In order to replicate that all encompassing worry free slumber you’ll need to reevaluate your sleep patterns when you get home. Dedicate some time to ensuring you get a good night’s sleep because this alone will do wonders for your health and stress levels. If you’re unsure how to go about this here are some helpful tips for a good night’s sleep.

Make eating a social affair

We’re pretty sure that on holiday you don’t eat your meals sitting in front of the TV or gulp it down while sending emails, so don’t do it at home either. Make time to eat as a family, even if it is only one meal a day and appreciate the food, the company and the social situation. 

Spend lunchtime outside

Yes, it’s cold outside, but if you can try to make a habit of spending as much time as you can in natural light during the day it has a multitude of benefits for your health. The skin absorbs vitamin D when it’s exposed to natural daylight, and it doesn’t have to be sunny, just daytime. Natural light is also thought to be helpful for warding off seasonal depression and is said to help you sleep better. If you can’t get outside, do try to see if you can move your desk or workspace closer to a window because the body doesn’t discriminate when it comes to absorbing natural light.

Be adventurous 

Part of going on holiday is exploring and there’s no reason you can’t discover new places and new activities where you live. Become a holiday maker in your own neighborhood or nearby towns. Uncover walks you didn’t know about, restaurants you’ve always wanted to dine at or take up a hobby you never thought you’d do. The thrill of finding something new will put a pep in your step and give you a fresh holiday feeling. 

Get a makeover

Ok, it’s not something you can do every day but looking after yourself is. Before you go on holiday you might get a spray tan, go on a diet, get a pedicure and bikini wax. But you don’t have to reserve a basic beauty routine for going abroad. Invest in a good skincare regime, indulge in a nightly Lumity Skin Nutrients Facial Oil massage, nourish your body with a good diet and add a supplement like Lumity Day and Night to your routine. By the time your next holiday does come round you will be looking and feeling your best already! 

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