Love your age: 3 non-negotiable rules from Sara Palmer Hussey

-Feb 18, Sara Palmer Hussey , Health -

This month we’re focusing on loving your age. We thought we’d ask Lumity’s Sara Palmer Hussey what her three golden rules are to live her best life at every age.

1. Mindfulness

I have to keep reminding myself to be present in the moment and savour beauty and connection with others. It can be tricky if you are constantly racing ahead of yourself in your mind to your next task, appointment or goal, but, the older I get, the more I realise that life is in the present moment and unless I slow down, breathe and experience life fully in the now, I will have lost the best it has to offer.

2. Gratitude – Life is a gift

We can focus on everything that is wrong in our lives or instead choose to acknowledge the many ways in which we have been blessed and, in so doing, discover that happiness is found in the appreciation of things we often take for granted, including life itself.

3. Making the most of what I’ve got

There is an urgent need to reconnect with nature. For far too long, we have considered ourselves the masters and commanders of nature, often putting nature in a subordinate role as a resource to be plundered, so much so that we are now driving ourselves to extinction.

Hopefully this pandemic will bring into sharp focus that it is us who must follow nature’s lead and not the other way round. It is us who need to learn from nature and realise that nature is a superior intelligence; we are just a small part of the whole.

The body as a microcosm of nature has infinite abilities of communication and healing between interrelated systems that are beyond the scope of our understanding.

We often treat the body as a collection of aggregated parts. In my formulations, I always seek to support and empower – in a balanced, natural and calibrated way – the ways in which the body is already working to orchestrate a symphony of efficiency, healing and vibrant health.    

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