Lumity field notes: Spotlight on Vitamin D3

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Meet vitamin D3 a powerful nutrient for immune health that’s included in the Lumity Morning and Night formulae. Research shows that having healthy levels of vitamin D, as well as taking a supplement that includes vitamin D3, can help keep your immune system healthy and may protect against respiratory illnesses in general.

Three truths and a lie about vitamin D3

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1. The vitamin D3 in Lumity is naturally derived from lanolin. It’s the most absorbable and effective form. Plant sources are not very stable. 

2. Vitamin D3 is essential for immune health and autoimmune issues, both have been associated with vitamin D deficiencies. Vitamin D affects immune reactions that are crucial in fighting off infections (helps the immune system kill bacteria and viruses), so sufficient vitamin D is essential for getting through flu season. 

3. We picked vitamin D3 as a star nutrient in Lumity’s immune health squad which includes vitamin C, vitamin E, plus selenium and zinc, because it is one of the few nutrients (along with omega 3s) that has been associated with longer, healthier telomeres – so, it’s a healthy ageing boost too!

4. Vitamin D3 was the original inspiration behind The Beatles’ hit record ‘Here Comes The Sun’ because the fab four were such huge fans of the sunshine vitamin. 

Why vitamin D3 is essential for immunity

Vitamin D3 is an essential nutrient for immunity. A study published in the British Medical Journal in 2017 showed how people who had optimal vitamin D levels and who took vitamin D during the winter had lower rates of flu than people who received flu vaccines.

Studies have shown that people with vitamin D deficiency are 11 times more likely to get a cold or flu. While supplementing with vitamin D can reduce colds and flu by up to 42%.

While vitamin D — or “the sunshine vitamin” — is naturally made by your skin when exposed to direct ultraviolet light, most of us don’t experience enough direct sunlight year-round. In fact, one reason sickness, colds, and flu cases spike in winter is that during the winter months, most of us have less sun exposure and, correspondingly, lower vitamin D levels. 

What they’re saying about the vitamin D3 in Lumity

The Beauty Shortlist Award’s Editor Fiona Klonarides says: “Morning and Night supplement Lumity ventures well beyond the everyday antioxidant + omega supplements out there thanks to its innovative, perfectly-calibrated span of vitamins, minerals, flaxseed, COQ10, turmeric and important amino-acids. We also like the very generous dose of Vitamin D3 too – pretty much mandatory rather than optional, especially in countries where it’s not very sunny.”

Bonus fact about vitamin D3

Lumity contains 15 µg of Vitamin D3 which is over 300% of the RDA. 

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Answer to 3 truths and a lie

4. We made this up. This song was inspired by the long winters in England which George Harrison thought went on forever.

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