‘Lumity helped my skin and boosted my energy levels’ – one woman shares her 8 month diary

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One of the most rewarding aspects of working for Lumity is hearing stories from our clients about what a genuine difference Lumity has made to their lives. The resounding message seems to be that if you can change one thing for the better, whether that’s reduced tiredness, more energy, healthy gorgeous skin, or thicker shiny hair, it gives people the confidence to kick-start a series of positive lifestyle changes which go on to have a remarkable effect on all that you do.

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How taking Lumity made a positive difference to my life

Catherine Marsh, 46, who lives in South London, told us how taking Lumity’s Morning & Night supplements made a tangible difference to how she looks and feels.

“Once I hit my forties everything changed for me,” she says. “I had gone from fun-loving and happy to anxious, worrying a lot and feeling just so down and tired, no matter what I did to try and change that. I split up with my boyfriend because he was really annoying me and I just didn’t have the motivation to get out and start dating again. I thought, ‘what’s the point?’ and just gave up on meeting anyone I’d like.

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From drab to fab in just 12 weeks

“My hair started thinning and my skin was really dry and spotty for the first time since my teens. It felt like I went to bed and was young and vibrant one night and then the next morning I woke up and had aged overnight. My period pains were suddenly crippling. I went to see the doctor and they said nothing was wrong with me, it wasn’t menopause, it wasn’t anything else, so I felt like a hypochondriac on top of everything else.

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“I would get home from work and go straight to bed at 8pm some nights. I wasn’t happy and had this impending sense of doom. It was pure anxiety but no so bad that I wanted to take medication for it, yet it dented my quality of life nonetheless. I would worry that I was about to be fired even though actually there were no signs that I would. I worried that I was getting ill with some terrible illness tat nobody could diagnose. I was emotional and would cry easily at silly things on TV and I was eating so much rubbish, just to try to give myself some energy, which meant I piled on weight.

My friend told me about this supplement she was taking saying it was a game changer

After lunch with a friend, Catherine was inspired to try Lumity. “I didn’t think it would work at all to be honest but I was willing to give anything a go” she explains. “My friend really did look glowing and she was evangelical about this supplement she was taking saying it was a game changer.

“I took the capsules as directed and after a few weeks I did start to feel less tired and as if I had slept really well. I didn’t want to curl up in bed after I got home at night and I signed up for yoga at my local gym. I enjoyed that so much that I started doing 5 miles on an exercise bike each morning. and that made me want to start having lots of green smoothies and vegetable soups. Within two months of starting Lumity I had lost almost a stone thanks to the lifestyle changes I had been inspired to make.

“My anxiety disappeared and I felt happy again. That gave me the confidence to keep up with yoga and regular workouts.”

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I could slip back into my old favourite clothes again

“By the end of the three month mark everything had changed, my skin looked moisturised and glowy and my hair was shiny and healthy. My nails were strong and growing really fast and I was enjoying life again. I had a focus and energy that had been lacking for so long. I started going out and enjoying myself at night and even joined a Latin dancing class which was so much fun and turbo-charged my confidence. The extra weight I had gained fell off me and I was so delighted that I could slip back into my old favourite clothes again.

“Once I was at month eight of taking Lumity it was an essential component of my life, I can’t imagine living without it now!”

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Lumity has given me the tools I need to look and feel my best

“It seems incredible that it’s a natural mix of nutrients but I have learned that you can only run on empty for so long before your body starts spluttering and stalling and crying out for some top quality fuel. When I was in my twenties and thirties I could stay up all night and exist on pizza and champagne without putting on weight or it having any effect on my skin. Things have changed and I can’t punish my body like that without paying the price, but Lumity has given me the tools I needed to look and feel my best as I venture into my forties and beyond.

“As for the cost, I just cut out a trip to my local coffee shop for a flat white and a muffin each morning and that enabled me to afford Lumity and a monthly gym membership.

It’s all about what you prioritise and for me looking and feeling well is a matter of feeling alive compared to merely existing.”


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