Inspiring women: “I’m 78 and fabulous!”

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Beverly Kaiser is an active and vibrant 78-year-old who was introduced to Lumity two years ago and is one of our long-term clients.

The Marietta, Georgia-based grandmother-of-four has seen and lived through all life has to throw at you. She tragically lost a daughter to breast cancer, watched her husband survive not one, but two cancer battles and helps look after a granddaughter who has cerebral palsy.

Whether it is visiting her grandkids, or road tripping with her husband, Beverly always has a smile on her face and is full of energy and joie de vivre – despite suffering and recovering from three major falls recently.


Beverly Kaiser
Beverly Kaiser: Says Lumity is helping her feel full of energy and vitality plus even helped her heal after three recent falls


We wanted to know more about Beverly and her secrets to a happy and active life:

What inspires you? 

Beverly tells Lumity: “I am inspired everyday by being able to do things I enjoy.  My health is good and sometimes, I really have to talk to myself about how old I feel and how old I am.  I really do not feel any older than when I was sixty.  I am also inspired by a loving husband, children and their families and extended family and friends.  My faith in God also inspires me each and every day.”

What’s the best advice you have ever had? 

“I have been given good advice so many times in my life that it is hard to pinpoint the time and place,” Beverly says. “My parents always encouraged me to work hard and set high goals.  My grandmother was truly my greatest inspiration.  She was proof that being kind and caring for others was one of life’s greatest assets.  My husband is my inspiration.  He is an optimist and has taught me that no matter how tough the problem, put one foot in front of the other and keep going.”

What is the greatest lesson that life has taught you?

“Keep a positive attitude and keep a smile,” Beverly insists. “My husband is a two-time cancer survivor and we lost a daughter to breast cancer at the age of thirty five.  We have a grand-daughter who has cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheelchair.  Through all these tests, I have tried and I think I have succeeded in being very positive and I do smile every single day. Basically, I am a very happy person.”

Which beauty tips do you swear by? 

“Over the years I have used very few beauty products other than basic make-up,” Beverly smiles.

What does ageing well mean to you? 

“Ageing well means that I have been blessed with good health.  No surgeries, no broken bones, no serious illness of any kind.”


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