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Lumity Life

Lumity Life – if you’re looking for a super supplement, you’ve come to the right place. As well as five-star reviews from satisfied clients across the globe, we have a long list of celebrity fans including; Helena Christensen, Cheryl, Mel C, Denise Van Outen, Olympian Rebecca Adlington and supermodel Yasmin Le Bon, as well as top facialists, nutritionists plus magazine and newspaper editors.


Read what they have to say about Lumity Life supplements:


Melanie Chisholm, aka Mel C from the Spice Girls, a successful solo artist and superstar singer said  “I was very excited to discover Lumity – I’m really surprised how well I’ve been sleeping and how my energy is up at such a busy time.” (She’s currently recording new music.)

Rebecca Adlington, British Olympic athlete and four times gold medal winner posted about Lumity Life on Instagram: “Everyone has New Years resolutions but they often have stopped by February! In January I started Lumity which has massively helped my skin (no make up on, just mascara, no filter) I have worked out a lot more. I managed to workout 20 days of the 31. I’m not where I would like to be weight/dress size yet but I’m feeling a lot better for being healthy. Just now got to keep it going.”



Zara Martin, supermodel wrote: “Thanks to my Lumity Life supplements, feeling so energised!”

Kate Thornton, TV presenter posted: “With less than 50 days to go until we cycle more than 180 miles across Kerala for a charity bike ride I’ll take all the help I can get! Thanks to Lumity – a much needed vitamin boost.”

Denise Van Outen, TV Presenter said that Lumity Life was helping her to get healthy ahead of a charity bike ride in India: “Getting fit and healthy ahead of our mammoth charity bike ride in India with Lumity.”

Michelle Heaton, singer and TV presenter posted: “Looking forward to starting Lumity – I have heard such great things.”

Eve Kalinik, leading British nutritionist: “Lumity provide the first and only natural supplement for fighting all 9 causes of ageing, and whilst I’m very conscious of not endorsing supplements generically (we are all very different!) this is a very clever blend of nutrients! They are also free from gluten, parabens, sulphites, petrochemicals, sugar and many more! Never underestimate the power of clean natural ingredients.”

Model and business woman Sophie Anderton is also raving about Lumity Life: “I have been using Lumity for 2 months now and it has become my new best friend! My energy levels have increased whilst my stress levels have decreased dramatically! I am sleeping a straight 8 hours without fail as well as bouncing out of bed in the morning feeling strong and energised. On a beauty level my hair and nails are stronger than ever, whilst my skin glows! As I do not usually take supplements it is very easy for me to say Lumity works!”  

Mary Greenwell, top make up artist: “I am cleansing and getting ready to have my skin and body in ultimate health. So I’m turning to Lumity. Feeling on top of the world.”

Nichola Joss, top facialist: “Lumity is a beauty vitality and wellbeing food supplement that enhances inner and outer glow.”

Ruth Bradley, actress, told Country & Town House Magazine: “For an outer glow and inner peace start taking these revolutionary day and night beauty supplements. They not only leave your complexion restored and radiant looking but they help to increase your energy levels throughout the day and aid with a deep, restful sleep at night.”

Victoria Woodhall, Deputy Editor, Get The Gloss: “The science behind Lumity really stacks up. It really goes at the heart of the ageing process, tackling it at cellular level and helping regulate hormones, which makes a significant difference to the way we feel day-to-day. It’s certainly calmed my hormonal headaches and breakouts. I like the fact that it supports every cell function in the body, which no amount of anti-ageing cream can do.”

Dr. André Nel, Surgeon and Cosmetologist: “Lumity ticks all the boxes as the all-encompassing food supplement that replenishes the body from within to combat the nine causes of ageing, — resulting in better sleep; more energy; increased mental clarity and a more youthful looking skin.”

Top make up artist Attracta Courtney awarded Lumity Life in her beauty awards and said  “I was a little sceptical initially when I started taking the supplement as the claims in the literature were nearly too good to be true, however I am now a convert; my cold cleared up very quickly and my nails are noticeably stronger and healthier looking since I started the program. When I gave my first ever interview to a magazine years ago, I was quoted as saying that the best thing for your skin is a good nights sleep – I still quote this simple truth today, however I now add and don’t forget to take Lumity food supplements because it will help you get a more restful, deeper beauty sleep.”

Amy Griers, Features Director, Cosmopolitan magazine UK wrote after a three month trial of Lumity Life “At 30 years old, I thought I was still too young to benefit from an anti-ageing product, but it turns out I’m not. If you’re fed up of not knowing which cream or serum will really help your skin, I’d definitely advise trying to change it from the inside out. I’ve gone from supplement skeptic to a (relative) convert. Not all pills are created equal, but when it comes to this one, I’m sold.”

Anya Banas, facialist who has been dubbed ‘London’s fairy Godmother of skin’ and is the director of Kensington’s Dermavita clinic: “Lumity promotes healthier skin, more restful sleep, greater energy levels and improved hormonal balance. It’s my new best friend.”

Ashley Siedentopf, founder, Ashfab Nutrition: “My secret to feeling and looking my best is simple: Smart and healthy eating with a fitness-based lifestyle and Lumity softgels.”

Clemmie Telford, influencer who writes Mother of all Lists: “Maybe she’s born with it, or maybe she uses ALL the stuff to try and reverse the effects of four years of broken sleep. If you are interested, and I won’t be offended if you aren’t, Lumity is the product I currently rely on.”

Bethany Meyers, top New York fitness instructor wrote of her experience with Lumity Life “I decided last year I needed to start taking vitamins (finally) and I went on the hunt without much luck. Most brands lasted two weeks and then I found a reason to dislike them. Then these gems from Lumity landed in my hands and so as not to bore you, I’ve made a list as to why you’ll love them. 1. They are more than a multi. Positioned as a beauty vitamin they not only serve as your daily intake of vitals, they also fight ageing. The formulas are designed to help you sleep, rebuild muscle and regenerate cells. Lots of fatty acids and minerals and other ingredients you don’t see in many other vitamins. I noticed big differences in my skin in particular, I’m scarring way less and the purple-ish colour is gone gone gone. 2. Easy to swallow. The pills are shaped like baby eggs and really smooth. So easy I can swallow all 3 at once and it’s not a chore. Major. 3. It’s subscriptions based so it comes right to your door. You don’t have to think about refilling. Hallelujah. 4. The packaging is splendid. It looks like it’s a fancy skincare product. So much that I keep them in my bathroom and take them when I’m doing my skincare routine in the morning and night. 5. I waited to tell you guys about these until I had taken the product long enough to see results. I’m on my fourth month and finding the longer I take them the more I like them.”

Jo, Crystal and Vanilla UK Beauty blog: “Part of my night time routine is 3 white softgels from Lumity – a food supplement to help my skin glow, helps me sleep better and have more energy .”

Cheryl Mokhtari, top yoga instructor: “I have been subscribed to the Lumity capsules for the past 5 months or so and absolutely loving them. They have really transformed my skin and whole outlook on life. In particular I am so much more relaxed and less anxious, and my sleep is the best I’ve ever had. I literally take my night time capsules and within 10 minutes I’m asleep for the whole night. It is truly amazing they can have such an effect.”

Lisa Barrett, Glowology UK: “My sleep has improved, in that I fall asleep quicker and if I wake up in the early hours, I can thankfully go straight back to a deep slumber without annoying Stressed Husband by huffing and puffing until the alarm goes off! But although I’m sleeping better, I am sadly no more inclined to jump out of bed with renewed energy — the snooze button is still getting more action than it should do. Well, Lumity gets some great feedback but it has never claimed to dish out miracles! The biggest change in my appearance is my hair. In fact, on my the last visit to the salon, my hairdresser asked me what I had been doing to it as it had got so much thicker! I’d thought so myself but when she mentioned it without me even telling her that I’d been taking Lumity, I knew it wasn’t just a figment of my imagination. Before taking Lumity, I had been a bit downhearted about my hair getting thinner and had put it down to ageing and a fact of life, but it has really improved and so I’m delighted. Overall, I am impressed. There’s no doubt I’ve seen and felt some positive changes that can’t possibly be just a placebo effect and I’m quite happy to fork out for a monthly supply of these as, when you think about it, at £79 a month (which is the automatically replenish price) it’s not much more than I spend on buying a large coffee each day.”

Lyn, The Lavender Barn: “Within the first two weeks my sleep has been amazing, a true solid night with not even waking (amazing). I have way more energy than before, this could be where the combination of the two supplements are working in harmony, whilst I have not looked in the mirror and seen a 20 year old looking back at me, I can 100% see an improvement in the moisture levels of my skin, most noticeably on my shins, knees and elbows which really do suffer from dryness in the winter months, apart from the skin improvements I think the main thing for me is feeling better all round, better quality sleep with more energy in the day is, in my book pretty amazing in such a short time, I can only imagine there would be further improvements over time.”

And last but certainly not least, Yasmin Le Bon told the Daily Mail’s You Magazine that Lumity Life supplements are a crucial part of her anti-ageing toolbox: “I don’t believe in any magic pill; I believe in a much more holistic approach — you’ve got to tackle the body and the mind. “I noticed that with Lumity I was sleeping better (and that I even wanted to go to sleep in the first place), that I was feeling calm at a time in my life when I’m not supposed to be. “I am very hormonal, but I have been on a surprisingly even keel, more so than I have ever been, which is extraordinary because it’s not meant to be like that.” She has even been able to get back to the gym, ‘which is such a blessing’ Yasmin says.

Lumity Life is an all-natural, all over body wellness supplement. Containing a cocktail of amino acids, omega fatty acids, vitamins and minerals to protect and rejuvenate the body – the key to Lumity’s success is our night and day capsules that work in tandem with the body’s natural biorythmic cycles. Take three in the morning when you wake, and three right before bed. Looking and feeling your best is that simple.



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