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With our day-to-day lives looking drastically different, we have partnered with like-minded brands to bring you expert advice on topics that we hope might be of interest to you during this extraordinary time.

Our first partnership is with which is an age-inclusive online independent fashion boutique. Like us here at Lumity, they are committed to celebrating the best version of you today. While we do it with targeted nutrition, they do it with curated collections that feature pieces by contemporary, independent labels, balancing quality, style and flattering cuts in equal measures. And there’s always a touch of fun and attitude thrown in. 

Everything is modelled by ‘real women’ of different ages, shapes, sizes and heights; designs are ethically and sustainably sourced; and you can shop by your body shape and other tailored features. Widely recognised as pioneering age-inclusivity in the fashion industry, is officially where ageism is never in style. 

With the novelty of wearing sleepwear 24/7 starting to wear off, they’ve put together 7 tips to stay stylish while in isolation. Perfect for when you’re wondering what to wear for your next Zoom meeting or trip to the shops! And, what’s more, is offering Lumity friends an exclusive 20% off their products.

All you have to do is use the code: TREATYOURSELFLUMITY.*

Tip 1 – Wear Clothes You Love

Ever heard of wearing your ‘lucky pants’? Well of course certain underwear isn’t magically imbued with luck, but if you do have a pair then no doubt you’ve often noticed a positive difference when you wear them. And that’s because wearing them will affect your mental state of mind; they give you a confidence boost, changing how you feel, behave and present yourself, and good fortunes follow.

Known as ‘enclothed cognition’ by scientists, it’s now commonly accepted that there’s a deep psychological link between what we wear and how we feel. Numerous studies have proven how our behaviours can directly change as a result of our clothes – from the colours we choose, to the fabrics, styles and more.  

Which is why now, more than ever, it’s vital to wear clothes that make you feel good. No,

they won’t save the unnerving, difficult times we’re in, but they will lift your spirits and help you have a more positive outlook for the day ahead (which will also impact others if you’re in isolation with loved ones).

As a lady once said to me “I don’t even care if I look good in this skirt – every time I look down at the print it makes me smile.” And what better reason is there to wear clothes you love than that? 

Tip 2 – Reassess Your Wardrobe 

Let’s be honest, we all have them: clothes strictly for best and going out, and ones we slouch around at home in that we’d never dare step out of the house in. And yes, that’s fine if your time varies between being out and in. But when you’re stuck indoors for nearly 100% of your day, wearing your usual home clothes is less than ideal. Meanwhile, your poor favourites will be gradually collecting dust in the back of your wardrobe (hello moths!). 

Let’s reassess which clothes you solely reserve for going out. A survey of 100 women found that more than 57% will wear a baggy top when depressed, whilst only 2% would wear one when happy – and now is not the time to test those statistics!

So, that beautiful midi dress you tend to wear to drinks? Believe it or not, but you can still wear it at home! And fortunately, because you won’t be moving around a lot, the likelihood of it getting worn out or damaged is extremely low. What’s more, you’ll feel more cheerful floating around in it all day, and you could still wear it for virtual drinks over video chat with friends! That said, if you do have pets or young children, you might want to stay away from silk…. 

Tip 3   – Even The Smallest Of Gestures Can Make A Big Difference

Style is not a basic necessity, and non-essentials will be lower on your list of priorities right now. But, as we’ve discussed, there’s no denying there’s a deep psychological link between what we wear and how we feel, so it’s worth taking the time every day to put on something that perks you up. 

You don’t need to get fully dolled up in you don’t want to (although more coming on that later in the week); even the simplest gestures can make all the difference. Why not put on a pair of beautiful statement earrings, or add a funky belt? You could even make a small alteration to your makeup such as adding a quick flick of blue eyeliner, or paint your nails in multiple colours. 

No matter how big or small, these little attentions to details that perk you up can make all the difference. And it doesn’t matter if no one else is going to see them – this is about looking after your own mental health and wellbeing. That said, even better, why not take the opportunity to show them off when video chatting with love ones, share ideas, and inspire them to do the same?! 

Tip 4 – Treat Yourself To Luxurious Loungewear 

Right now you might be inclined to only wear cheap and tatty clothes for lounging around in. Who’s going to see them after all? But when you’re spending your entire time at home, your loungewear is going to be working even harder than usual. So now is the time to be investing in quality. By choosing beautifully made garments that will last, you’ll feel good wearing them (see day 1), you’ll get maximum usage out of them and, because they won’t be falling apart at the seams once self-isolation ends, you’ll continue to enjoy wearing them. 

If you’re concerned about spending a bit more than usual, think about cost per wear. Not only will help you digest how good an investment a garment will be (saving you money in the long term), but you’ll also be calculating its sustainability value. On the-Bias-Cut we even have a Cost Per Wear Calculation on every product page – a first of its kind – making it super easy for you. 

Also, when investing in quality loungewear, opt for fabrics that feel particularly good to touch. Favourites for comfort and ease are cashmere, wool, jersey, viscose (a semi-synthetic breathable fabric made from wood pulp), cupro (a biodegradable semi-synthetic fabric made from cellulose fibres that feels like silk but is much cooler), and cotton. You can layer depending on the temperature, feel relaxed and your skin will be thanking you for choosing such lovely fibres. 

Tip 5 – Why Not Dress Up?!

We’ve said you should feel you can wear clothes you reserve for going out during lockdown. But what about getting all glammed up? You might feel it is one step too far. Well if you want to go all out glam, why not?! Too often we tell ourselves we should only save certain special items ‘for best’, but really ‘best’ should be any time when you want to feel good about yourself. And why shouldn’t that be when you’re at home – even on your own?

Take a look at Instagram, and you’ll see lots of people joining in #DressUpFriday – in some cases people are even wearing black tie for dinner! Remember: if you have the clothes, you might as well get wear out of them. Your excuse for dressing up? It’s another way to have fun and keep spirits high. 

Tip 6 – Maintain A Sense Of Structure 

During such difficult times, maintaining a sense of normality is integral for your mental health and wellbeing, and your clothes can help with this. 

As you would have done previously, try to limit to wearing your ‘switch off’ clothes to the evening. Regardless of whether you want to get all dressed up, or be a bit more ‘work casual’, still wear clothes that will keep you alert and focused. And if you prefer the latter, think ‘Casual Friday’: clothes you feel presentable in, but not so formal, so you’ll look professional on a video call. A fail safe way to nail this look: a gorgeous blouse or jacket with jeans. Easy,  effortless, and effective. 

Tip 7  – Get Experimental 

Thanks to the dreaded ‘Worst Dressed’ lists and articles on what not to wear, it’s easy to worry about trying anything new. What if you make a big mistake and everyone laughs at you?! No, it’s safer to just stick to your same tried and tested looks…. But if you’re only wearing a style or colour purely because it makes you feel safe, that’s never a good sign. It only reinforces lack of self-confidence. 

It’s understandable why you might be nervous about broadening your horizons, but now’s your chance to dip your toe in the water. A new styling idea on Instagram has caught your eye? Give it a go! Spend the day in your new look so you can mentally adjust to it, and you can also gauge the reactions of loved ones (that said, be careful if you have children; they are typically inclined to only want to see you in the role of ‘mum’). 

Ultimately style should be fun, and we need to make a concerted effort to do things that bring us joy right now. So start experimenting – whether it’s trying a completely new colour or cut, or simply pairing existing pieces in your wardrobe in a different way. It could be as effortless as tucking in a blouse in a different way, rolling up the bottom of your jeans, or adding an unusual pop of colour with jewellery. No matter how big or small, have a play around, and when it’s time to go out again you’ll have a whole new set of looks in your repertoire ready to show off!

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