5 ways to make your home a wellness haven

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Home is where the heart is. The old adage will forever ring true. So much of this saying’s meaning is tied up in how we feel when we’re at home. What with work days, school runs and the bustle of modern life, we all need a place to relax, unwind and feel like ourselves again. Whilst it would be nice to head to the spa every day, for most of us, time and money simply don’t allow this. Instead, create your own haven of serenity right at home.

1. Bring the outside in

There have been countless studies around the mood-boosting properties of houseplants and greenery in the home. Not only do plants eat up harmful carbon dioxide and purify the air in your home, they have also been linked to a reduction in stress and anxiety; just by being there! In addition to this, a study conducted by Texas A&M University found that the presence of indoor plants can help to boost cognitive function. In other words, a smattering of pot plants can make you calmer and cleverer, too.

2. Colour is key

Whilst we’re on the subject of greenery, colour is key when it comes to creating a calming, stress-free atmosphere. Restorative spaces, like your bedroom, benefit from green accents which are psychologically linked to regeneration and renewal. For living spaces, bold and bright colours will create a burst of energy whilst any working spaces, like a home office, will benefit from a pop of creativity-boosting yellow.

3. Get sensory

Set foot in any spa and you’ll see that every sense is catered for. The same goes for your home. Along with a mood-improving colour scheme, you should think about things like lighting, textures and smells. Where possible, allow natural light to flow throughout your home to trick your mind into thinking it’s outside. Choose your textures based on what makes you comfortable – think hygge, with plenty of cosy blankets and soft fabrics. When it comes to scents, scatter candles and diffusers around your home, with a focus on natural scents. Again, this comes down to choosing the smells you like, but if you’re struggling with all the choice, lemon, lavender and rosemary are all good scents to consider for imbuing your home with a sense of calm.

4. Create zones

In a busy family home, it can be difficult to find a sense of quiet and calm. This is where zoning comes in to play. Design spaces with certain uses in mind. For example, create a space in your home that feels calm and meditative, the bedroom can be a good place for this. For children, create bright, colourful spaces that create an automatic “play” zone. Having different areas for different things will help your mind to adapt to the appropriate mood and switch off when it needs to.

5. Find what makes you happy

Ultimately, our homes are an extension of ourselves. With that in mind, creating a space that’s great for your wellbeing is all about choosing what makes you feel happy and calm. Whether that’s clean and modern design, a botanical theme or a cosy hygge haven, make your space your own for the perfect wellness retreat.

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