Expert advice: 7 make-up tips for women over 50

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Remember the days when you wore make-up to look older or only plastered on concealer to hide teenage acne? Those times – good or bad – are long behind you. If you’re over 50 just how much have you changed your make-up routine since you discovered ‘your look’ in your 20s?


Life over 50 is pretty fabulous, there’s no doubt about that. But, while it’s all very well to stick with what the foundation you know and the eyeliner that suits you, the make-up look that worked for you one, two or three decades ago probably doesn’t work for you now.

But just because you’ve surpassed the big 5-0 and are loving life over 50 doesn’t mean you have to lay down your lipstick for good. In fact it’s an ideal time to revamp and rejuvenate your cosmetic routine.

You can look as radiant as ever by following these top tips for wearing make-up in your 50s and beyond.


Skin Care is Key

The basis of an age-defying look over 50 begins before you’ve even opened your make-up bag. The better your skin, the less foundation you’ll need, so if you haven’t already got yourself into a good skin care regime, do it now. Keeping your skin hydrated and plumped up is the key to a radiant look.

Not to mention make-up will glide on better.

“A good moisturiser is imperative so that make-up doesn’t settle into fine lines and creases,” says beauty blogger Amber Katz.

Trying to apply make-up to dry skin is a disaster too, so gently exfoliate before moisturising. Lumity Facial Oil is also great for locking in moisture and keeping flaky skin at bay.


Make Your Eyes Stand Out

If you don’t want people looking at your fine lines or wrinkles, then give them something else to focus on. Make your eyes the focal point of your face. Use the right shades for your eye colour and complexion and you can really make them pop. Don’t overdo it though.

Switch to a gel eyeliner like Mark Jacobs Highline  and you can use an eyeshadow with sheen (slightly metallic) but steer clear of shimmery/frosty eyeshadows as these will just accentuate wrinkles,” says make-up artist Candice Meggan. “Most importantly ensure that your eyeliner/shadow line is twice or 3 times as thick on the top lid than underneath, this will give your eyes a lifted look.”

As for picking the right colours to suit the tone of your eyes? “Green eyes look great with mahogany, golden bronze, plum or copper tones,” adds Candice. “Blue eyes look great with peach, gold and bronzed tones, brown eyes look great with teal, aqua and dark blues, Hazel eyes look great with dusky pinks, plums and purples, grey eyes look great with almost any colour from peach to taupe to mahogany to greens, blues and purples so you can really play around with colour.”


Chose the Right Foundation

It’s time for a trip to the make-up counter! Many foundations don’t work all year round, so that brand you’ve been using day in, day out for the last 10 years isn’t always doing you any favours. While it might work on your dry winter skin, it’s too heavy for your more oily summer complexion. You wouldn’t wear the same coat all year round so why the same foundation?


Avoid Dark Lipstick

Lips lose volume as you age, so it’s only natural to want to plump them up a little and make them stand out. But layering them in a dark shade will only make you look older.

“Use a shade of lipstick that is one – or at the very most two – shades darker than your natural lip colour,” says Candice. “By all means use bright colours but don’t make your lips one flat colour; highlight the middle of your lips to give them a fuller effect. You can use a lighter shade of lipstick to do this or a highlighting powder/cream. I recommend trying Sisley Phyto Lip Shine and Mac Creme Sheen both of these brands offer a sheen finish, so you won’t need a gloss which can bleed if you have fine lines around your mouth.”


Back Away From Powder

Face powder is the enemy for women over 50 especially when too much is applied as it can make wrinkles stand out. 

“As our skin matures, even the finest powders can look cakey if the skin is too moist or greasy from your skincare regime – which tends to be richer as we grow older,” explains Candice. “Only use a translucent powder, apply it sparingly with a small brush like the MyKitCo My Perfect Powder on the forehead and around the nose and chin.”

If you want to reduce shine but avoid powder all together then Candice suggests Blotterazzi by Beauty Blender. “It’s a magical flat blotting sponge (used dry) that removes the shine without removing your makeup and it fits perfectly into your makeup bag.”


Get Good Brows

As we age our eyebrows lose their shape, can begin thinning and turn white or grey, but since good brows frame a face it’s important to look after them…..or get them back!

“Unfortunately the 80’s & 90’s wreaked havoc on our brows with over plucking & waxing, but there are solutions for all ages, and yes women who are over 50,” says Candice whose number one recommendation is to use a growth serum and the good news is you don’t have to splash out on a pricey one either.

“The next best thing is castor oil like Fushi Organic Castor Oil. Apply a thin layer every night (post your skincare regime) on your brows with a Q-tip and sweep the Q-tip back and forth from the inner corner to the outer corner of the brow to really massage that oil into the hairs.”

She also insists it’s time to put the tweezers down and invest in a threader instead. “They will work with you to regrow your brows into a fuller thicker brow. It’ll take time for them to grow back but stick with it.”

For those days in between when you still need to fill in patchy brows Candice recommends  Laura Mercier Pomade and Powder Brow Duo applied with a MyKitCo 2.4 My Tight Brow and Sisley Phyto Brow Pencil too.



We’re not saying get contouring like the Kardashians but a little highlighter can go a long way.

“Keep it subtle and strategically placed, just on the cheekbone and a little on the cupids bow. Products I recommend are Laura Mercier illuminator in Indiscretion, this is a great highlighter for medium skin tones (or use Seduction for darker skin tones) and gives a gorgeous subtle glow,  and Bobbi Brown Highlighter in Pink Glow this is great for light/medium skin tones, use a small brush like the MyKitCo My Ultra Multi. However if you don’t like highlighters but you still want a dewy glow then take one drop (no more or it will be too oily) of Lumity Facial Oil and rub between your fingers in a circular motion and gently tap it onto your cheekbones, this will give you a lovely dewy natural glow.”


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