Make-up tricks to get you through the festive party season by an expert

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Switching up your makeup regime for the party season can be a daunting process which is why Lumity got some guidance from top makeup artist Candice Meggan who gave us the low down on what’s hot and what’s not this year.

When you’ve spent hours searching for the perfect festive dress it seems only fitting that you should have a gorgeously made up face to match it. But fearing you’ll look clown-like rather than classy at the Christmas party can stop you from trying something new. 

But you don’t have to completely overhaul your makeup routine to ramp it up. Candice shares with Lumity her top tips to getting a flawless festive look to get you through any party.

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1. What are the makeup trends this party season?

“Beauty is really having its moment in the spotlight this year and 2019’s party season represents a culmination of the most coveted beauty trends from the last 4 decades!” Candice explains. “We are seeing subtle versions of 70’s glitter, those iconic deep red lips and smokey eyes from the 80’s, along with brown lipsticks from the 90’s. Basically this party season you have total carte blanche to wear your makeup however you want thanks to the inimitable Pat McGrath! Her iconic beauty trends have graced the covers of every glossy magazine, catwalk and red carpet for as long as I can remember and she’s effortlessly made the beauty trends of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s fashionable again and I am here for it.”

2. If you don’t want to spend money on new makeup how can you update what you have to fit in with the trends?

“Experiment with different looks and mixing textures together, try a matte lip with glossy eyelids and dewy skin. Dab some lip balm or gloss on your eyelids (keep in mind this won’t be a good option if you have mature skin as the gloss will run into any fine lines) and dab a little bit of Lumity Oil on the high points of your cheekbones. Mix a drop or 2 of Lumity Oil into your foundation if you want sheer dewy coverage. 

“Another current trend you can try is the monochromatic look, using a lipstick or one of those multiple sticks in a pink or nude shade, dabbing it on your lips, cheeks and eyes. 

“Create statement lashes by layering 3-4 coats of mascara and pair this with a berry stained lip but there are so many different ways you can use your makeup to achieve all sorts of new looks it just takes a little bit of imagination.”                                                                         

3. Are there any absolute no no’s when it comes to party makeup?

“Avoid using too much powder and concealer because you’re trying to ensure your makeup stays put all night, it will age you considerably as it emphasizes wrinkles and bags, I recommend layering your concealer thinly over your foundation by dabbing it with your finger to blend in seamlessly. Use a superfine powder, specifically for under eyes, less is definitely more so use it sparingly with a fluffy eyeshadow brush, this way you can focus the powder on the areas that need it and avoid powdering your entire face. 

“Setting sprays can help to keep makeup in place all night so invest in a good one rather than use too much powder. Try using a cream or liquid blush as powder blush will age you considerably, a cream/liquid blends beautifully and will add to the dewiness from your foundation. Stick with colours that compliment your skin tone and steer clear of frosted eyeshadows and lip glosses if you have fine lines around your eyes and lips.”

4. How can you simply take a day time look to evening straight from the office without lugging all your makeup around with you?

“Keep the essentials with you, a brighter coloured lipstick, an eyeliner and perhaps a single eyeshadow so that you can easily take your look from day to night. Smudge the liner in the outer corners of your lash line and go over the liner with the eyeshadow for a more dramatic smokey eye. 

“Dab a bit of extra colour on your lips and you’re ready to hit the town. The other option is booking a mobile makeup artist to come to your office, book out a meeting room for them to set up in and everyone goes in one at a time throughout the afternoon so you can leave your makeup bag at home!”

5. This time of year women get a little braver and might want to experiment with a bolder lip colour. Would you recommend they take the plunge?

“Yes absolutely!” Candice tells Lumity. “Berry tones are always popular in the colder months, but if the deeper hues are not your cup of tea then try a bold fuscia or gorgeous red/orange lip colour. Keep in mind that if like me you have thin lips, darker colours will emphasize that so stick to a lighter version of the shade that you like or just dab a little bit into the centre of your lips giving a bitten lip look which is also a big trend this season.”

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6. There’s also a little more kissing under the mistletoe too. Is there a way you suggest keeping your lipstick staying on longer?

“Start by exfoliating your lips, mix a pinch of brown sugar with a pea size ball of Lumity’s 4-in-1 facial cleanser and rub this over your lips in circular motions. The sugar exfoliates any dry skin whilst the 4-in-1 cleanser softens your lips like nothing else you’ve ever felt!

“Once prepped, take a lipliner and line your lips then fill them in (it doesn’t have to be perfect you’re creating a base for your lipstick to hold on to). Apply your lipstick over this and then blot your lips on a tissue. Reapply the lipstick over your blotted lips and finish off with the lipliner around the edges if you need.”

7. When it comes to glitter, how can women add some sparkle without looking like they’ve gone OTT?

“Who doesn’t love a bit of glitter, but it’s messy and no one has time for that,” admits Candice. “I recommend trying glitter liners, they come in a pencil or liquid liner version and they are absolutely brilliant for the party season. Less is definitely more though, I know the initial urge is to draw a cat eyeliner of glitter across your lid but hold off and try these tips instead as they will have people talking, but for all the right reasons! 

“If you’re using the pencil glitter liner smudge it into the outer corners of your lash line giving you a sultry smokey look with subtle sparkle. If you want a bit more of a pop of sparkle take the liquid liner glitter and just place tiny little dots evenly spaced between your lower lashes, this will catch the light and gives an incredible sparkle but not over the top. Another option is to paint the tip of your lashes with the glitter liner and again the glitter will catch the light but it won’t be over the top cabaret sparkle.”

8. How do you feel about fake eyelashes? Are they worth the effort or can you create an amazing lashy look using makeup alone?

“False eyelashes can really amp up your party look so I highly recommend getting a pair that suit your eyes if you’re a newbie to false lashes then get a light style or even the individuals and this way you can taylor your look to just the outer corners of the eye. However if you’re a seasoned pro then the lash world is your oyster. If you’re not keen on false lashes then I would recommend layering your mascara applying 3 or 4 coats creating full voluminous lashes.”

Of course a fabulous festive look starts with a good skincare routine. But if late nights and a little indulgence is playing havoc with your complexion we have some skincare hacks to help you through. And if you’re looking for ways to have a less stressful Christmas we have the answers for that too.

Make up by Candice Meggan and images by by James Molloy, Iulia David Photography and Lainey Lovell.

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