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Things change as we age – and here at Lumity we’re big fans of most of those changes. But while looking after your body from the inside is the starting point for great skin, there are many tricks of the trade that can be deployed once fine lines and occasional wrinkles take up residence on your face. If you’ve been using the same make up techniques for the past 20 years, and haven’t changed the products you slap on in the morning for just as long, then you’ll be as excited as we were to discover make up artist to the stars Amanda Ramsay’s Instagram feed set up precisely for this reason: to give wonderful women over 40 some top make up tips for looking their best.

Gorgeous Amanda, who declares herself to be “pro-ageing” (we love that phrase), is an industry veteran, having made up stars from Jackie O to Julia Gillard over the years. We caught up with her and asked her to give us her top make up tips for those of us on the better side of 40. And as a busy mum of two in her mid 40s, who looks totally fantastic, we know she knows what she’s talking about!

“I’m a bit of a rebel with a cause,” Amanda told Lumity. “I’m on a mission to help women over 40 remain visible, heck even look hot and feel bloody fantastic on the road to maturity! I’m a massive advocate for the pro-ageing movement and the idea that ageing isn’t a disease, it’s just something that we do, so we might as well have fun with our make up, and learn a few tips and tricks for looking and feeling mighty FABULOUS along the way.”

On her fab feed, Amanda showcases some great before-and-after transformations some of her clients have made from bare-faced pretty to ageless stunner, with just a few make up tricks.


“When it comes to make up, it is less about how much make up you wear and more about understanding your skin and what’s right for you. These women look amazing and they are using half the makeup a 20-something YouTubing makeup artist might layer on her face. This is precisely why I also write my beauty blog – Secrets from a Beauty Insider – to help educate women, giving my professional opinion of which products work and which products they need for their faces right now (not the 20 year old version of themselves, but the 40+ version of who they are now). The beauty departments are a minefield and can be incredibly intimidating and overwhelming. I help women navigate all of that, simplify. Keep it simple. And don’t take it too seriously, have fun.”


Here’s Amanda’s Top 5 make up tips to giving over 40s the extra wow factor


1. Brows

Define them, fill in the gaps.

They truly frame your face and without a doubt shaped correctly make you look younger (and more polished).

2. Eyeshadow

Choose matte or satin finish eyeshadows. Steer clear of sparkly glittery shadows, as they sit in the crinkly wrinkles and just make them look worse. I know, that’s a tough one to take .. but all is not lost, you can add a POP of sparkle or glitter to the inner corners of your eyes for extra WOW. Black and deep charcoal can really look ageing. Choose softer, diffused colours.

3. Lips

Choose something bright and cheerful when you need to look pulled together fast. Nothing says ‘I’ve got my act together’ quite like a bold, strong lip. It can really lift your mood! Again put the metallics and super-matte colours away and choose something with a satin, moisturising finish. Give lips some extra love, use an organic lip balm to add plumpness.

4. Contouring

I like to call this the Bronzed Goddess. We all have one lurking within. Natural contouring has the ability to disguise jowls, give cheekbones a lift AND add warmth to your skin. As we age our skin loses colour, becoming increasingly translucent and pale. Bronzer and some natural contouring adds life back into your skin. Leave the hard core contouring and unnatural looking transformations to Millennials who seem to have all the time in the world to ‘bake’ and cake their faces. Keep it natural and you’ll win this contouring thang! To find out more on how to achieve the Bronzed Goddess look you can visit my website.

5. Foundation

This is where I tell you .. yes, you need it. Over the age of 40, ladies, you need something on your skin to even out your skin tone. Why? Younger skin is more even and more luminous.


A BB cream is the over 40-year-old woman’s new best friend. Lightweight yet super hydrating it’s a great choice for everyday. Foundations – go for something with a luminous finish. Matte, powdery finish can be extremely ageing, it accentuates the crinkles. Add life to your skin with a glow foundation.


Check out Amanda’s brilliant how to videos here and follow her on Facebook here.

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