Makeup tips to LOOK like you had a good night’s sleep – even when you didn’t

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Makeup tips to make you look like you had a good night's sleep

We all want to wake up looking and feeling refreshed, but in reality most of us have days when we struggle to get a quality night’s sleep and unfortunately it shows. We turned to one of the beauty industry’s top makeup artists to find out how to look well-rested even when you’re exhausted. 

Tired? Frazzled? If so, you’re not alone, summer is full of parties and moments to celebrate but unfortunately we still have to turn up to work looking like we haven’t been out having fun until the early hours! Luckily, we’ve got talented makeup artist Candice Meggan on hand to tell us how you can fake looking like you’ve had eight hours of sleep when you’ve only had four!

Facing a fatigued reflection can be worse than the actual feeling of being tired, but if you haven’t had a full eight hours of quality sleep, you don’t have to resign yourself to looking exhausted all day.

Although not getting enough sleep can leave you with dry skin, dark circles under your eyes and more visible wrinkles a few simple beauty hacks can help you look well-rested.

Grab your favourite lipstick, a bottle of Lumity Facial Oil and an eyeliner and let Candice Meggan lead the way.

How to prep your skin

When you sleep your body repairs itself and this includes rebalancing hydration. Less rest means less time for your body to complete its overnight magic. So if you’re tired, your skin often pays the price.

“It is vital to prep your skin properly,” says Candice. “When you are tired, a loss of lipids can allow moisture to evaporate from your skin, leaving it looking dry, flaky and dull.

“Prep your skin by layering your skincare, start with a hyaluronic acid serum, then a few drops of Lumity Facial Oil and finally your moisturiser on top of that. Try using a tinted moisturiser instead of foundation.

“When your skin is dry and tired foundation tends to not sit smoothly on the skin. Try adding a drop or two of Lumity Facial Oil to your foundation to create a tinted moisturiser.”

Ways to conceal dark circles

Hiding the dark, puffy under eye circles that come with fatigue can be a huge challenge, but it is possible to conceal them.

“Again its good to note that tired skin tends to be rough and uneven so it’s imperative to moisturise the under eye area prior to applying concealer so that it glides on evenly,” Candice tells Lumity Life magazine.

“Combatting dark circles starts with a great concealer, first use one in a pink tone this will reduce the dark green/purple colour of dark circles, then apply your usual concealer on top. Apply it sparingly to the under eye area in a tapping motion with your ring finger and then buff it out with a fluffy eyeshadow brush. Set this with your usual powder.”

How to curl your lashes

There’s one very simple way you can make yourself look more awake and it only takes a few seconds: “Curling your eyelashes really opens up your eyes and makes you look more alert,” advices Candice. “I recommend getting into a routine of curling your lashes at night before you go to bed and then again in the morning before applying a few layers of mascara.”

Use a white eye-liner 

Dark hues might make your eyes smoulder but packing on a smokey eye will make you look more sleepy than sexy if you’re already weary.

“Using a white eyeliner on your waterline can make you look less tired,” suggests Candice. “If you must wear eyeshadow opt for a soft matte shadow that blends easily with your skin tone.

“Avoid dark eyeshadows, plus anything rose and red toned as this will make you look even more tired! Pat a light pale shadow on the outer end of your brow bone, but again don’t bring this down too far onto your lid as this will emphasise any puffiness so keep it right under your eyebrow!”

How to fake a glow

A sun-kissed glow can immediately make you appear well rested. So if your skin is looking tired and dull reach for the blush and bronzer.

Candice says: “Try using two colours of blush, start with your usual colour blush and then using a blush that is a couple of shades brighter and lightly brush that just onto the apples of your cheeks when you smile. This will give you a brighter/fresher appearance. Bronzer can also give you a healthier rested glow but use it sparingly and with a big fluffy brush on all the areas that the sun would naturally catch.”

Distract with lipstick

Look here, not there! Distraction can be a great way to stop people zoning in on the visible symptoms of fatigue.

“Applying makeup to your lips are a fab way to take the focus away from the eyes if you are looking very tired,” Candice  explains.

“Choose your colour; be it a bright fuschia, red or coral and tap a bit as a highlighter in the centre of the lips, this will brighten them up and give the illusion of a fuller lip. If you want to keep the focus off you altogether then a nude gloss is the way forward.”

Build up your brows

Bushy brows aren’t just fashionable they are also fantastic for faking alertness.

“Creating brushed up bushy brows is a great way of making you look wide awake,” says Candice. “It really lifts the eyes. Use a spool and brush your brows in an upward motion using a product like Soapbrows or a clear brow gel and let them set.

Then with a really skinny brow pencil fill in any gaps with soft strokes through the brow. Keep the strokes soft and in an upward motion as you don’t want any heavy hard lines just a fresh bushy boy brow.

Next, you just need to ensure you’ve had a healthy breakfast plus your three morning Lumity capsules, and you’ll be looking and feeling fabulous – ready to take the world by storm. 


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