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Healthy, positive ageing is in, and more and more women are embracing it! Lumity spoke with several fabulous females who told us why they’re embracing their age and have never felt better than in their 40s, 50s 60s and beyond.

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Tracy Acock – 59

Former MacMillan nurse, gym bunny and Instagrammer Tracy Acock looks and feels incredible, and she’s about to hit the big 6-0. She told Lumity: “Don’t think of getting older as being all downhill. It’s not. If you continue to move and be active you can make age just a number. I’ve never been stronger than am I now and I’m at my oldest.”

Emma Forbes – 54

It’s difficult to believe TV presenter and broadcaster Emma Forbes is 54-years-old. She spoke with Lumity about living life post 50 and how great she felt getting past the milestone birthday.
“Everyone was talking about turning 50 and there was a lot of pressure. But actually I felt better at 52 than I did at 32!”
Emma insists wrinkles give her character and is loving growing older gracefully without the help of fillers.

Mary Berry – 84

The Queen of Puddings is 84-years-old and won’t let a few fine lines and wrinkles stop her from continuing to carve out a brilliant career – and she looks great too! She’s had her own life hardships and lost her son, so she knows that you should seize every day with gusto and enjoy every moment of it.
Her simple beauty routine of E45, lipstick, foundation and face powder has kept her looking great and she insists “you must keep active” if you want to stay youthful.
As for the inevitable aspects of ageing? “I have lots of wrinkles but they make me who I am.”

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Karen Cummings-Palmer – ‘In the middle of it’

Health and beauty expert Karen Cummings-Palmer lives by the belief that her best age is now. She says instead of managing your age you should embrace it. Karen insists: “I’m stronger than ever both physically and mentally,” adding that she has Pilates to thank for a lot of that. She also gets excited about what’s to come and says: “Each age comes with new pleasures and pressures, and that is the great thing about life.”

Lou Kenny – 60

The former Australian model reignited her career in her 50s and now she’s cartwheeling her way through life. She even walked the catwalks at London fashion week last year. Lou credits yoga for her amazing figure and table tennis and playground games for keeping her young.
“I no longer need gratification from people to feel good about myself, which is refreshing,” she tells Lumity. “I love the simple things in life now and having confidence in yourself goes a long way.”

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Beate Howitt – 80

Being 80 isn’t stopping Beate Howitt from following her dreams. She got a degree at 60, an MA in her 70s and then she launched her modelling career when she became an octogenarian.
Beate won a competition with ‘Goldie’ magazine after being entered by a friend and is now embarking on an incredible new career at 80.
She says she walks everywhere and stays active as well as her continued love of learning.
“Beauty sleep is also so important,” she admits to Lumity. “But more than anything realise that life can be so wonderful. Stay curious and never let anyone tell you, you can’t do anything.”

Gemma Sheppard – 44

Presenter and top stylist Gemma Sheppard is all for age-positivity and accepts getting older is a natural process so we should embrace it. For her the focus is the future, not the past.
“I have embraced every single age in my life and continue to do so,” Gemma tells Lumity. “I have never looked back or wished I could be younger. Every day of our lives, at whatever age that may be, is for living.”

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