Mel Sykes: ‘I’ve developed a sweet tooth!’

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Eating well is something Melanie Sykes, 48, has embraced in the past decade and found it’s had a fab knock-on effect on her body and mind.

One look at Melanie Sykes is enough to make you realise this is not someone who lives on junk food! And on her Instagram feed she often posts the most delicious and healthy meals which she is tucking into, making us rather envious it has to be said!

Eating well is something Mel, 48, has embraced in the past decade and found it’s had a fab knock-on effect on her body and mind.

Eevn though she’s busy, Mel still makes time to cook a quick family dinner in the evenings for herself and sons Roman, 16 and Valentino, 14, so they get a chance to catch up on their day and also enjoy good quality food.

There are a lot of myths about healthy eating – how do you sift through them?

I think it has a lot to do with common sense. I don’t tend to get whipped up in fads luckily, I’m quite a grounded and logical person believe it or not! So, I tend to just not care. And moderation, in everything, if you overindulge in one thing of course it might have an impact.

What’s your stance on superfoods?

Well I don’t know about the term superfood, but the things they say are superfoods, things like kale and blueberries – they’re good for you. End of story. I know it’s a sensational way of looking at it as a title, but anything packed with that kind of nutrition has got to be good for you. If there’s a new thing that sounds like it’s worth a try, I’ll do it.

Is there anything you are eating a lot of at the moment?

If I get into something I do have it a lot. I tend to exhaust things, I am a bit like that. I eat a lot of fish now, the only fish I can’t do is sardines! It is a fishy fish… My boys like fish and I’m not making different meals for everybody.

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Have you ever been tempted to go vegan or vegetarian?

I went vegetarian this year actually. In May I went to India for two weeks and during my time there I sort of realised I’d been veggie for the last week and a half, so when I came back I just continued it. But just lately I’ve just put fish back into my diet so I’m pescatarian now for the time being. It’s not forever, I’m just trying to eat some protein. So, I’ve tried vegetarian – I liked it but I needed something else.

What is your diet’s downfall in terms of food or alcohol?

I don’t drink so that’s not an issue. I do have a sweet tooth, so chocolate is probably the thing that I like the most if I’m going to go for something. I’ve got such a sweet tooth now, I never used to and it’s something that’s developed. But luckily for me I do like a darker chocolate, so high cocoa, less fat. 

What foods are guaranteed to make you feel good?

Basically, I’m always hungry, so any meal I’m very happy to be sitting down to! But I do love my breakfast and obviously I’ve just discovered bananas and blueberries on Burgen toast which I’ve been eating every, which is just heaven sent! I’ve got into my no coffee in the morning. I have a turmeric latte which is spicy and just yummy and that’s just a really calming and lovely start to my day.

Breakfast is rarely calm for most people!

The kids sort of wander in and sit and have their cereal. And my boys are teenagers, they don’t talk in the morning so it’s great! They just scratch their head and look in the fridge, There’s just not much communication (laughing). It’s the calmest, nicest of all the meals and I’m a morning person,  I’m up 6am everyday.

What’s your signature dish?

I don’t really have one. Oh, actually the kids love a seafood linguine, which sounds really flash but actually its onions, a bit of seafood and linguine and that’s it! It’s my quick dinner and it sounds like it’s an extravagant thing to give them but actually it takes twenty minutes, tops. So, that’s my quick dinner.


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