Melanie Sykes on Lumity and beauty: ‘I don’t roll out of bed looking amazing.’

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Melanie Sykes on Lumity
Melanie Sykes feels fantastic at 48-years-old and she intends to flaunt it. But there’s no denying the TV and radio personality works hard to keep her health at it’s absolute best.


For many women having children means less time to dedicate to their fitness but not for Melanie Sykes. The mum-of-two  insists becoming a mother gave her the push to be in the best shape of her life.

Getting in shape after children

“I didn’t become really interested in exercise until a few years after having my children,” she admits.

“I was broadly happy with my body – I’m still a size 10 – but I loved going to the gym as it gave me a bit of time alone. It also gives me more energy, which is important when you have an active, growing family.”

Exercising in your 40s

The former model might have been genetically blessed in many ways but she says there’s no denying that as you age it’s harder to stay in shape.

“I never had to exercise in my 20s but now I have to be an avid gym bunny.

“I love the way the gym makes me feel and I try to encourage other women to follow in my footsteps, hard work pays off and it’s definitely possible for women to look their best after their 40s and so I have proved.”

How often should you exercise?

Once a week won’t cut it for Melanie who regularly tries to motivate women to get into the gym by posting her fitness journey on Instagram.

“I don’t roll out of bed looking amazing,” she reveals. “I work out an average of four times a week. A mixture of weigh training, high-intensity boot camp classes, tennis, barre classes and reformer Pilates.”

Cutting out sugar

The hard work doesn’t just happen in the gym, it takes place in the kitchen too.

“I’m addicted to Amelia Freer’s ‘Eat, Nourish Glow’” says Melanie. “I haven’t lost weight because I’m quite muscular, but I’m definitely a leaner size 10. When I first started it last June I cut out everything she recommends – sugar, dairy, gluten and caffeine.”

She’s even got her two sons Roman 16, Valentino, 14 eating healthy too.

“They’ve got no idea they’re healthy dishes. Sometimes I might make myself something separate. If I do have a bolognese for example, I’ll have courgetti while they’ll have actual spaghetti. But their diet isn’t hugely different to what I eat.”

Which supplements should you take?

“No matter how well you eat, it’s always likely that there is something you’re not getting from your regular diet that would boost your long term health,” admits Melanie. “Whether it’s iron, Omega-3 or manganese, it’s likely that there is something you could be adding in to boost your long term bone health (especially after the menopause, when osteoporosis can kick in ), your energy or your immunity.

‘The fabulous team at Lumity have created a supplement designed to target your immunity, ageing and sleep, with two finely tuned combinations of Omega oils, vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients, one for the morning and one for the evening.”


Melanie isn’t the only celebrity to fall in love with Lumity Supplements. Cheryl became a fan after she became a mother and Melanie C insists good health is like armour.

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