Michelle Williams: ‘As a mother with a daughter I’m excited for her future’

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mother with a daughter excited for her future

Michelle Williams is so incredibly likeable; yet through the smiles, positivity and laughter, there is someone who has battled adversity… and continues to.

The star faced the tenth anniversary of the death of her daughter’s father Heath Ledger this week (he passed away on January 22nd 2008) and every day is tasked with the double heartache of raising their child alone while mourning his loss. 

Mind-smart and laser-focused Michelle Williams offers a brilliant study for powering ahead and setting a brilliant example not only for her young daughter – but for all of us.


How do you feel about this wave of change in Hollywood?

MICHELLE: I’m excited! I’m armed and ready. For so long, I’ve been saying I didn’t think or I wasn’t sure if this toxic climate was going to ever go away or remotely change, and I don’t think that anymore. I truly believe after these past months, it’s going to change. I think the shift is too seismic for it to be only a phase that gets eclipsed by the next media frenzy. I don’t see that. Look at where we are right now to where we were a year ago.

Dare I say, it’s a positive outcome from the election. I think people have become so outraged with this abuse in authority that’s it’s fanned the flames, and we’re saying, ‘stop, no more!’

As a mother with a daughter, I’m so excited for her world and how different it will be. I have real faith and optimism in that.


Your new film, All the Money in the World, is a story in itself, given it had to be reshot in the wake of the Kevin Spacey scandal. How did that affect you?


MICHELLE: Well I should say, to be able to go back and rewrite the story was a gift I never could have dreamt of. It’s about the work and dedication and passion of so many people and Ridley [Scott, director] had the utmost respect for each and everybody who worked on this movie and for the incredible work they produced. He couldn’t and wouldn’t let any of our efforts disappear and be forgotten; he wanted to change the ending of the story for all of us. And only he could take on a logistical nightmare like this and come out the other side!


Was your daughter annoyed at losing you at Thanksgiving (because of the time it took to reshoot scenes)?

MICHELLE: I basically told her, you know I’ve been a little sad and down the last couple of days. Well Captain Von Trapp is coming to save the day [laughs]. She was disappointed, briefly, but she got it and said, ‘Go Mom, you have to’. She knew it would make me happy and as she gets older, she wants and understands wanting that happiness for me as much as I want it for her.


If the accusations had come out and Kevin had remained in the movie and it was released as scheduled, how would have felt promoting it?

MICHELLE: I don’t think I could have watched the movie and promoted it knowing this person was being glorified on the big screen – that wouldn’t have sat right. 


If you had all the money in the world, what would you do with it?

MICHELLE: I’m so boring – I’d give it all away. I don’t want money I haven’t worked for… and worked hard for. What kind of lesson is that for my daughter?


But you are fortunate in that you are very comfortable.

MICHELLE: Look, I’m a parent, I love my child and I love to spoil her when I can. Or when I choose. But as much as I love the look on her face, it’s also a disservice to her development so I choose not to. It’s hard but it’s better for her and who she is. I want her to understand the value of money; I want her to work hard and understand the struggle it takes to sustain.

When I was younger, I had no worth for money, I didn’t value for it, I didn’t feel like any of my decisions were related. As I’ve gotten older, that’s changed and I now value security and independence and freedom. That’s what I want her to take on and appreciate and understand.


I guess the other thing about getting older is developing as a person. You have a unique look and have held onto that – has that been intentional?

MICHELLE: We all have individual style and an image of how we want to look. For me, it’s about creating a style on the outside that matches the feelings I have inside. I’m ambitious and strong, but also kind and balanced. My beauty routine matches that, and it’s funny, because that could be said of the vast majority of people. It’s like one controls the other – you are a physical embodiment of your emotional position.


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