Minimise your pores for better looking skin

-Jul 30, Hannah Hargrave, Beauty -

Smaller looking pores make for smoother, more even looking skin, so reducing their appearance can dramatically improve yours.

DNA determines the size of your pores and unfortunately there is no permanent way to shrink them, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make them at least look smaller. 

If your pores have been constantly clogged or squeezed they may have even increased in size too so if you want to shrink them back to their original size some of these tips will help that happen too.


If you’re prone to large pores it can be tempting to back away from the sunscreen for fear of it making your skin greasy and shiny and therefore accentuating your pores. But it’s essential you protect your skin from the sun, every single day. 

All important collagen and elastin in the skin gets broken down by UV radiation and your pores will expand if you don’t protect yourself. Plus more importantly you want to minimise your risk of skin damage or even cancer. 

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Wash your face

It’s the simplest of tips but we know we’ve all been guilty of falling into bed too tired to bother taking our make-up off. But washing your face is so important for minimising the look of your pores. When you don’t clean off the day’s dirt, grime and makeup it can all clog the pores and expand them. A quick, gentle cleanse morning and night won’t take long but it’ll make a huge difference to your skin. 


Stimulate cell turnover and get rid of dead skin by exfoliating a couple of times a week. Don’t go crazy and scrub your skin every day, you’ll actually damage it in the process. But using a gentle exfoliation, whether it’s in a wash, a cream or with a cleansing brush will help keep your complexion glowing and your pores minimised.

Hydrate your skin

Dried out skin can make your pores appear bigger so hydrate them by moisturising with Lumity’s Skin Nutrients Facial oil twice a day. The nourishing beauty pick is packed with all-natural essential oils and ingredients to moisturise and feed your skin and because it’s lightweight you won’t have to worry about it being an oil. In fact it’s so hard working you don’t even need to load up with a moisturiser afterwards either.

Primer for pores

There are a whole host of primers on the market for pretty much every skin type going and these can help hide the appearance of pores. It’s worth a visit to a beauty counter to find out which one is best for you but get the right one and it can help fill and smooth out fine lines and pores without clogging them.

Drink water

Once again water comes to the rescue. Hydrate your body and your skin by drinking plenty of water – eight, 8oz glasses a day is a good guideline to follow. Keep up the consumption and your skin will start to positively glow. Dry, wrinkled skin will look dull and make those pores stand out, so go on, reach for the water bottle.

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Get a facial

A little luxury can go a long way so if you are able to get regular facials, make the most of them. A professional can clean out your pores and give you a clean, healthy complexion within a session. Even if you can only treat yourself once or twice a year, the results are definitely worth it.

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