Model Anya Longwell shares her daily food diary

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Stunning midlife model Anya Longwell gives Lumity the lowdown on her daily meal plan and reveals the treat she simply can’t give up. 

We all know beauty starts from within and that not only means nourishing ourselves with our all important Lumity Day and Nighttime supplements but complementing it with a healthy, balanced diet too.

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Since we welcome inspiring women to give us their wellness tips we asked Wilhelmina model, yogi and all round health nut Anya Longwell to shed some light on what she eats in a day.

She was only too happy to let us in on her daily diet.


“I love yogurt for breakfast,” says Anya, who had a career as a model in her 20s but didn’t revisit it until she was 49-years-old. “I’ll eat yoghurt as a snack later in the day too. I buy plain but then I add a little agave.

“If I don’t fancy that then I’ll have scrambled eggs with some chopped tomatoes and avocado.”


“I always have almonds and walnuts in my bag,” she says. “Oh and raisins too. When you have a busy schedule it’s important to have easy, healthy snacks to pick on.”

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“Lunch can definitely be a challenge because I never quite know where I’m going to be or what I will be working on,” Anya admits. “I don’t eat sandwiches because I’m trying to avoid bread. So if I need to have something super quick I’ll get some oven roasted turkey with a slice of cheese, I’ll put a big handful of arugula (AKA rocket) in the middle of it and roll it up.”


“Dinner is usually an enormous salad, with lots of vegetables and a grilled piece of fish on top.  Once in a while I’ll eat a burger, although I try to only have grass fed and it’s really only a treat.

“I also love hummus with potato chips. That with a nice European glass of white wine…I can make a meal out of that.”

What’s Anya’s vice?

Even models have food they can’t resist and for Anya it’s crisps – or chips as they call them in her native America.

“I’m a chipaholic,” she confesses. “I heard Oprah Winfrey was too, so I don’t feel so bad.  I LOVE chips!  I can only eat plain, as I have a HUGE sensitivity to MSG and “natural flavorings” – which are not actually natural at all – but I can’t get enough of them.”

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