‘My 70-year-old mum’s tried and tested beauty secrets’

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I’ve always marvelled at how my mum maintains her youthful complexion and yet I’ve never sat her down and asked her to spill her tried and tested beauty secrets….until now.

In honour of Mother’s Day we asked Lumity client, Anette Lorch – who just so happens to also be my mum – to tell us what she does and doesn’t do when it comes to her beauty regime. 

The white haired, blue-eyed ‘almost’ septuagenarian – who likes to remind me that she still has three more months in her 60s – looks great for her age and boasts clear, glowing skin which I’m envious of, and I’m 30-years younger.

“I used to hate having a round face and full cheeks,” the Danish born grandmother-of-six admits. “But actually now I’m grateful for it because I think it’s helped keep my skin from sagging.”

She’s happy for the Scandinavian genes that have been passed down to her, but she’s also had a hand in ensuring she looks her best. So what are her secrets?

‘I don’t take my makeup off at night’

“I splash my face with cold water in the morning which gives me a a refreshing wake up call,” she says, before admitting a little sheepishly the next step in her routine.

“Then I take my makeup off.”

Since sleeping in your makeup is considered a huge no-no in the skincare world I had to ask why she chooses not to go to bed with a clear face.

‘I don’t wear foundation’

“I leave my eye makeup on because I’m too lazy to take it off before bed,” says Anette, who is lucky enough not to have to use foundation or concealer on a daily basis. “But more than anything I hate going to bed looking horrible. I don’t want my husband to roll over in the middle of the night and see me with little piggy eyes. It’s just something I’ve always done in the 50-years I’ve been married.”

Clearly eye makeup is a big thing for Anette but before she gets to her makeup stage what else does she do to prep her skin?

‘Lumity helped reduce my sun spots’

“I wash my face with a moisturising soap, not a cleanser and then I apply moisturiser with an SPF. In the summer months I religiously use a stronger SPF.

“As a kid I never used to protect my skin so I have a few age spots and I’ve recently been introduced to Lumity Nutrients Skin Facial Oil too which has helped reduce the appearance of them and also keeps my skin feeling really hydrated too.”

‘I couldn’t go without mascara and eyeliner’

Once her three minute skincare regime is complete it’s time for her makeup, which now that I’m thinking about I don’t ever remember seeing her without.

“I’m very fair and without eye makeup I feel like you can’t see my eyes properly,” she says. “So I make them look bigger by using an eyelash curler, then use a mascara and an eyeliner for day to day use. I’ve always opted for dark brown rather than black so as not to overdo it and I love a large mascara brush because I find my lashes can get clumped together otherwise.”

‘I’m grateful for my full cheeks’

She skips foundation and concealer and admits: “I’ve also never been into powder because I think it can emphasise fine lines. I sometimes wear some tinted moisturiser when I go out but I get complimented on my skin fairly often and I think it would be a shame to cover it up.”

Instead she might opt for a hint of highlighter – or even a dab of Lumity Nutrients Facial Oil – on her fabulous cheekbones, a lick of lipstick and she’s set.

‘Untended hands are a giveaway’

“Oh and I swear by hand cream too, wrinkly hands are a tell-tale sign of your age. 

“As you get older you do have to experiment with different products because your skin changes, but if you’re using something that’s still working for you there’s also no reason not to stick with it.”

Anette did have her eyebrows tinted a couple of years ago but says: “I couldn’t recognise myself when I looked in the mirror. I’m tempted to try it again and maybe go for a lighter shade. Someone mentioned microblading to me the other day but it’s a bit too permanent for my liking.”

‘Wrinkles are character lines’

That’s not to say she’s not against cosmetic procedures.

“I feel very lucky that there’s nothing I hate about the way I look. But if there was I think I would consider what I could do to improve it. If it was something making me very unhappy I would weigh up the pros and cons.”

For now though she’s embracing the ageing process fine lines and all.

“They’re not wrinkles,” she quips. “They’re character lines and I truly believe that.” But what she believes in most of all is that beauty comes from the inside out. 

‘Beauty from the inside out’

“When it comes to what you look like on the outside it’s so much about what you put into your body and how you treat it. Smoking, drinking, sun exposure and a bad diet all contribute hugely to the way you look and feel.”

Her diet is packed with home grown vegetables, she limits her meat intake – “for the environment more than anything” – but says “everything in moderation”.

“I eat well and I think that shows in my skin too,” she says. “Nowadays there are also fabulous supplements like Lumity which help get more nutrients and vitamins that you can’t get through diet and food alone.”

‘Exercise keeps you young’

In addition Anette has always been active and stays flexible and strong – a necessity for her gardening she says – with pilates. For cardio vascular exercise she goes for a brisk hour-long walk every day and I wouldn’t envy anyone who tries to tell her she’s getting old.

“If you start thinking you’re old, you become old. I don’t look my age so I’m certainly not ready to feel it. I hope I pass on my positivity to my children and my grandchildren and in exchange they can keep telling this almost 70-year-old she looks good for her age.”

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