My Lumity Life: ‘At Last… I Feel Incredible!’

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We all agree that the best thing about working for Lumity is hearing from clients about how this clever two-step supplement has made a difference to their lives. Every single one of us is different and Lumity’s nutrients go where they’re needed first, meaning that sometimes people don’t notice much of a change to how they look or feel immediately – but that doesn’t mean it’s not working.


Caroline Hoey, who lives and works in London, didn’t think that Lumity was doing anything for her after three weeks of taking it every morning and night, and even considered cancelling her monthly order, before deciding to wait and give it a few more weeks. Luckily she did, because six weeks into her twice-daily regime of Lumity’s softgel capsules, she suddenly noticed a difference in how she looked and felt.


And, she tells us how Lumity helped her heal after a car accident…


“I met someone who works for Lumity at a party earlier this year,” Caroline explains. “I was testing out an anti-ageing serum at the time but had started to believe that it’s what you put in your body that counts, so I was really interested to learn that there was a new anti-ageing supplement on the market.


“I have a very busy life and I only ever used to have about four hours sleep a night, sleeping was just one of those things that was an issue for me. I was often tired and so reading all the glowing five-star Lumity reviews that people were leaving on the website made me really want to try it.


“But after about three weeks, I felt exactly the same as I did at the start, so I rang up the person who had introduced me to Lumity and told her that I didn’t really feel that it was working and that I would stop taking them. Then I changed my mind and decided to give it another few weeks and wait until the end of the second month before deciding. I had read that it can take as much as three months for the full effects to show for some people, so I carried on taking my three capsules in the morning and three at night.


“Incredibly, just two weeks later it was as if all the effects that I had read about kicked in at once: Suddenly I was sleeping much better and averaging six full hours sleep a night without waking up. I felt refreshed and energetic in the mornings. My hair was thicker and more glossy and people I knew personally and professionally started commenting saying I looked really well and that my skin was clearer.


“I definitely have that glow people who take Lumity talk about. I used to suffer from hormonal break outs on my chin every month and that has gone completely.


“Also, I suffered a car accident and bruised my eye a couple of months ago. The doctors were amazed when I healed within a week, rather than the 2-3 weeks which they had predicted, so I swear that the faster healing was down to the Lumity.


“Now, six months on, I wouldn’t be without it. I take Lumity with me when I travel and never miss a dose. I’m really happy that I didn’t give up after a few weeks, and for me it has been a fantastic discovery. I look and feel so much better, my immunity and overall health has been boosted and I haven’t come down with a cold in months. It’s fantastic.”


We’re delighted that Caroline continued with Lumity and so kindly shared her story with us. And, we’re thrilled to hear that she’s enjoying so many benefits – which vary from person to person.


Often people forget that Lumity is all natural and works in tune with your body’s cycles so it doesn’t work like a sleeping pill would; it’s more gentle and kind to your body as it gradually restores your health, immunity, skin elasticity, hormone balance as well as restoring your sleep and energy levels to how they were when you were younger.


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