My Lumity Life: ‘How I Balanced My Hormones And Lost Three Stone’

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Angela Bunting is a 40-year-old art therapist who lives in Taunton, in the United Kingdom.


She has suffered with anxiety, depression and sleep issues since her teens and wanted to share her Lumity experience with us after seven months of taking the day and night supplements.


Angela tells Lumity: “When I was 15, I suffered a nasty bout of glandular fever and couldn’t get out of bed for several months. It really knocked my confidence and I failed some of my exams as I just didn’t have the energy to study properly.


“As I entered my twenties, I still didn’t feel back to ‘full power’ and I was often depressed, as well as having bad anxiety and panic attacks.


“This continued into my thirties, but I regained the confidence to go back to college and study to become an art therapist for people who have suffered from various mental health conditions.


“As I edged towards forty, I started suffering with terrible PMT and my doctor told me that I was in peri-menopause. They found several small ovarian cysts, which they said were a result of hormone imbalance. It didn’t surprise me, I felt wrung out and exhausted for at least two weeks of every month, it was awful.


“Finally, on my 40th birthday this year I made a promise to myself that this would be my happiest year ever.


“I started taking Lumity because I had read so many glowing reviews, and I embarked on a fitness regime which involved an hour in the gym five days a week, and I also changed my diet completely.


“I gave up processed food, and started eating as close to nature as possible. That meant lots of green vegetables, fish and dishes like cauliflower crust pizza, with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella with fresh basil and a drizzle of olive oil, instead of my usual junk food choices.


“I also started shiatsu massage, which I had heard is brilliant for people who eat too much due to anxiety, as I did, and wonderful for the symptoms of peri-menopause.


“Within a few weeks of taking Lumity, I was sleeping better than before and my fitness levels were improving so I was enjoying my workouts and I didn’t crave the fatty, sugary food I used to eat before either.


“That first month I lost 8lbs, and I felt better than I had done in a long time. I was no longer exhausted or going to bed at 9pm and sleeping fitfully for hours and never really feeling well-rested when I woke up.


“By the end of the second month I was 16lbs lighter, I had tighter skin with no spots – which was unheard of for me – and I was able to buy new clothes that were two dress sizes smaller.


“Now seven months into taking Lumity, I have lost just over three stone, I’m feeling happier and more energetic than I have been in years, and I feel really awake.


“I bounce into every day after waking up before my alarm clock goes off, and I can’t remember the last time I felt sluggish, depressed or anxious.


“My PMT and mood swings have gone completely, my skin is fresh and revitalised and I feel younger at forty than I did five years ago. It’s incredible. My hormones are balanced, but also I feel balanced as well, it’s as if I have completely reset my body and mind.


“What I love about Lumity is it has given me the energy to make healthy lifestyle changes and stick to them.


“It has truly been life-changing for me.”



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