My Lumity Life: ‘Who’s 63? I Feel As Though I Am 33!’

-Oct 25, SARA PALMER HUSSEY, Living -

One of the questions that we get asked a lot by our clients is if people who are in their sixties and seventies can take Lumity:  The answer is, yes – absolutely!


Grace Schweibert is a 63-year-old artist who lives in Somerset in the United Kingdom and has been taking our two-step morning and night supplements for nine months. She tells us that her overall health and energy levels have improved, along with nagging pain which was caused by arthritis in her hands that left her unable to paint on colder days.


A life-long supplement sceptic, Grace says she was won over by her 39-year-old daughter’s transformation after her first few months on Lumity:


“Before Lumity I had never taken any kind of supplement in my life,” Grace explains. “I eat a fairly healthy diet, with lots of fish as well as fresh vegetables from my garden. I assumed that it was possible to get all the nutrients that we need from food, and in fact I rolled my eyes a little bit when my daughter started taking these anti-ageing capsules – telling her it was unnecessary and yet another one of her health fads that she would never stick to.


“My daughter works in advertising in London and since going back to work after having a baby, she’s always been stressed out due to working long hours in the week whilst juggling motherhood, and then she was tired and exhausted at weekends. She’s only 39 but she was not really enjoying life; when she used to come to stay with me with her son, who is four, she would be tired and often went to bed at 9pm – just to catch up on her sleep.


“After taking Lumity for a few months, I noticed that she was full of energy and she looked much better and brighter too. Her eyes sparkled again like they did when she was younger, plus her allergies and hayfever went away and she didn’t have constant colds. I was really impressed by how lovely her skin looked too, so I read up on Lumity and decided that I would give it a try.


“Since my husband died two years ago, I have been painting watercolours and gardening more than ever as I feel that it helps me process my grief in a positive way. I create something beautiful from the pain and that is very soothing for me mentally. But this spring my back ached more than ever when I was trying to pull up weeds in the flower borders and when I picked up a paintbrush, often arthritis in my hands made it painful – especially on colder days. I was tired more than I have ever been and although I have always been energetic in the day and a deep sleeper at night, I started waking at 5am and not being able to get back to sleep and then feeling out of sorts and like I needed a nap every afternoon. It was frustrating not being able to do all that I wanted to do.


“I do like to look after my skin and hair and I love to feel as though I look and feel my best. I have regular facials and other treatments, but my health is a big priority for me and always has been. I want to stay healthy and fit for as long as I can, whilst also looking good.


“I am very happy that I started taking Lumity, as it turns out that my body really did need some extra help. I honestly wasn’t expecting it to work, but my sleeping improved in the first week. I was well-rested and less anxious as well, probably because I was sleeping so well. By the second month my back wasn’t troubling me, and as well as spending lots of time in the garden, I was able to go to Pilates classes for the first time in a year. I still have the odd twinge in my hands but I am able to paint again and I’ve regained a vigour and love of life that I had honestly thought was gone for good.


“Nine months in I feel like a flower that has bloomed; my skin is definitely smoother on my face and neck, and little patches of eczema I had on my elbows have gone. My facialist tells me that my skin is tighter and I caught myself singing to myself while I was cooking supper the other evening. Overall though, I feel happy, relaxed and as though I am thinking more clearly instead of being forgetful.


“It has been such a blessing for me finding Lumity: I don’t feel 63, I feel as though I’m in my early thirties!”


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