Nadia Narain’s less than ONE minute calming yoga routines

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Nadia Narain is one of the best-loved yoga teachers in the world. The yogi, who counts Kate Moss and Reese Witherspoon amongst her fans, has shared with Lumity how she teaches her clients to calm themselves in under five minutes. 

A lot of people seem to be struggling with stress at the moment.

It may just be that our bodies are adjusting to the change in the weather. But many of us are waking up extremely early each morning and then feeling tired all day. 

If you’re having trouble sleeping, or are feeling stressed, one of the many ways that you can combat that easily is making sure that you calm your mind before you drift off to sleep. 

Why can’t I sleep and is stress to blame? 

You will find sleep tricky if the moment you hit the pillow you’re replaying whatever happened during the day, or reeling off your to-do list for the next day. 

If you’re worried about money, your kids, your relationship, or your career, staying awake all night won’t help. Perhaps it’s the problems of a loved one that are troubling you, but again, damaging your own health isn’t going to equip you to help them. 

The ideal thing to do is relax and let it all go so your body can recharge your mind and body as you sleep.

Why writing things down will help you relax

A brilliant wellness tip is keeping a gratitude, or happiness journal. Simply keep it by your bed and write down everything that made you feel happy that day. 

As you get into the habit of thinking about what makes you grateful, you’ll slip out of the habit of thinking about what makes you fed up. 


Jot down every triumph, every good thing, even if it’s: “‘Made a delicious ra chocolate avocado mousse instead of buying donuts.” Or, “”Bought two bottle of fizzy mineral water instead of sparkling wine.”

Perhaps you put in photos of happy days with loved ones. And, you can add notes family members and friends have sent you. 

Eventually just THINKING about your happiness journal will calm you down and make you feel happy.

What to do about career stress? 

If you have got home from work and can’t stop thinking about how much the day has annoyed you, perhaps you will feel like calling a friend and telling them all about it. 

But really, that’s just weighing them down with stress and then you will feel guilty for being a Debbie Downer. 

Keeping a work/life balance IS very tricky. So many of us are worried about the economy, that it’s easy of falling into the trap of working or thinking about work 24/7. 

But doing this simple chair yoga move will help you melt away stress in minutes. 


Honestly, if your job is denting your emotional wellness, seek out professional hep from a life coach. Perhaps you could try stress acupuncture or talking to a therapist for some coping techniques. 

Whatever you do, don’t drink your stress away. 

Instead, when you get home from a rough day, try Nadia Narain’s calming yoga routine. 

Nadia Narain’s calming nostril breathing routine  

This simple do anywhere yoga-based nostril breathing sequence, which Nadia has created especially for Lumity, will calm your mind and body in minutes. 


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You can do it in the office, at home, in your bedroom or right before bed to help motivate you to turn off the TV and get to bed early to get that all-important eight hours. 

We will continue posting a series of Nadia’s clever wellness tips and yoga moves during the coming weeks. She also details them in the wellness book which she wrote with her sister Katia, called Self Care for the Real World. 

Grab a copy, we do highly recommend it.

And, learning to be calm and not sweat the small stuff could add years to your life and make you live for longer. As well as making you happy, healthy and more balanced. 


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