Natalie Imbruglia: ‘Real beauty comes from within’

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Natalie Imbruglia is certainly proof that healthy beauty starts with what you put in your body. We've taken a look at the skincare rules she lives by.
Natalie Imbruglia is certainly proof that healthy beauty starts with what you put in your body. We’ve taken a look at the skincare rules she lives by.

Care for your skin

When she was younger Natalie struggled with her skin. She was prone to acne and had problems keeping her skin clear. “With proper acne, the kind of thing I have, you can’t go anywhere near it – if you try to squeeze it, it can spread,” she says. “This facialist in LA, when I was living there, told me only to touch a pimple if it’s on your jawline or up high, anywhere else and it spreads. The only thing to do is use the right products and prevent it.” It’s no wonder that Natalie has gone on to produce her own skincare line, Iluka.

And she believes it’s not just what you put on your skin, but also what you put in it which is important. “I think you should drink a lot of water, get plenty of sleep, and exercise,” Natalie advises. “Combined with a really good skin care routine, these are the best things you can do for your skin.” Nourishing her body also helps keep her skin clear: “I have also found that a clean diet works wonders for my skin. I eat a lot of green vegetables and try to keep very alkalised. If my body gets too acidic my skin breaks out.”

Making sure she works out is also a factor Natalie believes helps her body and mind too. “I like to train with James Duigan as his Bodyism trainers specialise in creating long, lean, athletic bodies,” she explains. “I found that their method of training is sustainable and I don’t get injured, therefore I can be consistent. Consistency is key! I use my own body’s resistance in a lot of the exercises and I also use a foam roller in every session; it’s great for releasing lactic acid from your muscles.” And being kind to her body and respecting her mind is why yoga is also a favourite exercise for her. “Yoga plays a huge part of my work out, which is why I like to promote yoga.”

Less make up lets your skin shine

As she has got older Natalie has pared down the amount of cosmetic products she uses when she’s getting ready, “[My biggest beauty mistake was] wearing too much make-up when I was younger. I think sometimes you get carried away and over-do it. A lot of make-up suits some people, but on me it’s just too much – plus it can age me.” Now she keeps it simple just highlighting those famous lashes and letting her natural beauty through.

Don’t apologise for who you are

With fame and good looks, the last person you would expect to have worries about their appearance is Natalie, but for many years she battled with body dysmorphia as well as anxiety and stress. “There was always so much focus on the way I looked. If I see photographs of myself in my 20s I can see in my eyes that I’m trying to look like I’m having a good time, but I was basically really conscious of having to step up,” she confesses. “It was pretty confusing to have people always asking about your appearance. The assumption was that I was where I was because of my looks.”

For Natalie turning 40 was a very positive occasion. She felt it meant the end of being offered jobs as ‘the sexy girl’ and instead being commended for her talent and ability. As for her looks, she’s no longer bothered what people think. “I’m not going to apologise any more for being good-looking,” she says. “My mum and dad are attractive people, that’s just how it is. All the focus on your looks just sends you insane.” And having gone through what she called and ‘unhappy’ period in her life around body image has helped her realise what true beauty really is.

“Real beauty comes from within – it’s not just about your physical looks. There is a lot of pressure for women to take care of their physical appearance, but I feel like it’s so important to care of your overall wellbeing. Rest, meditation, being surrounded by – all of these things reduce stress and anxiety, which we all know, are very ageing.”

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