Natural ways to improve your body’s circulation

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Good circulation is imperative to our health so if you want to get your blood pumping there are some natural ways you can

Good circulation is essential for our health and wellbeing so if you need to give it a boost here are some natural ways you can get your blood pumping.  

For our bodies to function efficiently we need good circulation. Without it the blood packed with oxygen, minerals and nutrients can’t get to the organs and our health is put at risk.  Good circulation relies on a strong heart, healthy blood, unclogged vessels and normal blood pressure so that we lower the risk of blood clots, headaches, cramps, varicose veins and more.

While it sounds like a lot to get to grips with there are some simple ways you can boost your circulation and give your body the best possible chance of working at it’s peak. 


Cardiovascular exercise, such as running, swimming or cycling is great for improving your circulation. Raising your heart rate by getting a little out of puff will get blood pumped around your body and just like that your circulation is given a boost. Try to find time for 90 – 150 minutes of exercise a week and your fitness levels will soon pick up too.

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Stand Up

Many of us spend way too long sitting still whether it’s at our desks or in front of the television. A sedentary lifestyle can cause havoc with your circulation though. So squeeze in movement wherever you can. A brisk walk at lunchtime, taking a break every hour to walk up and down the stairs, or even do leg stretches and ankle rotations at your desk. If you’re prone to crossing your legs too, me mindful that it’s not good for circulation either.

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Stop Smoking

It’s not good for your health full stop! So if you can try to curb the cigarettes it’ll have a hugely positive impact on your wellbeing. Circulatory disease is the leading killer in smokers so that says a lot about what it does to your body. The carbon monoxide in the tobacco smoke makes it harder for oxygen to get to vital organs and muscles too. 

Eat Iron Rich Foods

Iron is needed to make hemoglobin, which carries oxygen, so ensuring you eat a balanced diet containing the mineral is good for circulation. The kinds of foods you should look at incorporating into your diet, if you don’t already, are leafy dark greens – such as spinach and kale – lentils and red meat too. 

Drink Tea

A cuppa can be a whole lot more than a relaxing beverage. Both black and green tea contain antioxidants which can help widen the blood vessels so blood can flow more easily through them. Just two or three cups a day will help you hydrate and improve circulation. 


The perfect excuse for a relaxing massage! Not only does massage therapy help relieve stress and lower blood pressure but it stimulates circulation too.  The pressure and release of a massage helps get the blood moving and can help flush waste away from your internal organs. 

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