Nichola Joss tells us how to get gorgeous skin before a big event

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Long lazy summers certainly don’t do our skin and hair any favours. In a couple of months, it will be party season and it’s worth starting your skincare regime now so you look gorgeous in twelve weeks’ time. Nichola Joss explains how. 

London’s facialist-to-the stars Nichola Joss certainly knows everything there is to know about great skin. The A-list skin whisperer has stars lining up for one of her bespoke inner facials, and it is nearly impossible to get an appointment with her.

Nichola kindly sat down with Lumity and spilled her look fabulous secrets. Are you planning to attend a big party in November or December? Nichola explains exactly how to get your skin ready and why prep should start now. 

I have a big event in six weeks from now. I want to look as best as I can. What things should I be doing?

Nichola says: “Having an inner facial with lots of massage will immediately benefit the skin as well as the muscle tissue and facial contours. You can have these as close to the event as you like as there will only be instant benefits to skin tone and lift contours.

“Do not look at anything topically aggressive on the skin such as peels acids laser needling or injections. You do not want your skin having an adverse reaction as you will need time to heal.

“Keeping the facials natural and massage based will have you looking your best.”

You have said that you aren’t a fan of injectables and prefer facial massage as well as skincare acids and peels. Which peels should I invest in? Which peels and which acids?

Nichola reveals: “I love the Ordinary – AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution and also Murad hyrda glow aqua peel is an amazing sheet mask and great before events. If you have sensitive skin Susanne Kaufmann enzyme peel is a good option.

“If you are afraid of using peels or acids you can always start with an daily exfoliating liquid such as Glossier – Solution or Alpha H – Liquid Gold.”

What are your own tips for looking fantastic even though you’re a busy working mum?

Nichola says: “Daily Facial Massage. By massaging my skin daily I am removing tension and stress in the muscle tissue. Softening but strengthening the muscle fibres to give a more lifter structure to facial contours.

“Massaging will also remove toxins, help to drain and eliminate puffiness fluid retention and improve blood circulation.

This will encourage a more nutritious oxygenated blood flow to the skin cells and muscle tissue helping to improve regeneration and restoration of skin.”

Nichola shares her top tips for gorgeous skin!

Diet – Keeping my body hydrated and fuelled with clean organic foods.

Daily yoga and meditation – I do 10 minutes of meditation every morning as well as while I am working. I do 2 minutes of meditation before each client.

Exercise – I try to incorporate a daily workout whether it’s a session with my personal trainer or walking the dog.

What do you do to recommend to destress? Reiki? Acupuncture? We are thinking about having holy grail skin from a holistic point of view…

“I do a Healing Energy Facial massage treatment and also a Lumity Supplement Support Facial which are both great for de-stressing the body, mind and skin,” Nichola says. 

“Get outside, get moving to get the blood circulating around the body again.

“I love crystals and do believe in their healing energy.

“Also aromatherapy oils are great for lifting your energy, make sure you rub the oils between your hands and take some deep breaths in before you start to massage your face / body.

“Use Lavender, Chamomile or Neroli to de-stress and relax your mind and body.”

What are the top five things that we should be avoiding? 

Nichola insists: “Over exposure of damaging sun rays (it’s never to early to start using SPF 50+ on the face) and remember UVA rays can damage skin even during winter months.

“Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, sugar, processed foods, a sedentary lifestyle. These will all add to the premature ageing of your skin tissue.

“The best way to combat this is to look at an organic diet. Take a supplement, I love Lumity. Take a good probiotic to optimise your organ functions as well as to keep your gut healthy and active. I take Symprove probiotic everyday and have seen an improvement in my skin (it’s your largest living organ).

“Avoid too much screen or phone and computer time because blue lights can be ageing for the skin and stressful for the mind.”


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