How to do the Nichola Joss Lumity Facial Oil massage at home

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Lumity’s Skin Nutrients Facial Oil is taking the globe by storm. World-famous facialist Nichola Joss has kindly done not one but two how to videos which show how to use this magical oil in the comfort of your own home. 

We turned to none other than Nichola Joss for her views on Lumity Facial Oil – she of the industry’s most revered skincare experts. And, Nichola has a client list that includes Meghan Markle, Jennifer Lopez, Scarlett Johansson, Hilary Swank, Gisele Bundchen, Gwyneth Paltrow and Abigail Clancey – to name just a few.

She is best known and loved for her miraculous lymphatic drainage massage facials. We have been incorporating them into our own morning and night skincare routines at home and can attest to how brilliantly they work.

Nichola is one of the few therapists who can tone and improve the texture of skin with the mere magic of her hands using a specialised pressure point facial technique which regenerates the tissue of the skin, boosts the immune system and provides impressive age-resisting benefits.

Nichola travels globally to take her unique talents to her A-list clients across the world, as well as teaching teams of therapists how to successfully massage the skin to give the face the optimal levels of radiance naturally. Her knowledge, passion and understanding of how the skin works is second to none.

We couldn’t wait to hear what Nichola thinks of Lumity Facial Oil, and to get her personalised step-by-step guide on how to use it!

Lumity Facial Oil has had some rave reviews – what do you personally feel is so special about this oil?

Nichola tells Lumity: “This oil has the perfect combination of ingredients to fully feed and nourish the skin and using it nightly to massage, along with taking the Lumity supplements gives your skin the best possible ability to function, repair, regenerate and replenish. Keeping it bouncy, dewy and youthful.”

From a professional perspective as one of the industry’s top skincare experts what do you love about Lumity Skin Nutrients Facial Oil?

Nichola explains: “I love everything about the oil, the light natural fragrance, the texture is so divine and completely absorbs into the skin leaving a dewy finish. It’s like a primer before make-up too and massaged into the skin at night before you go to bed really helps to remove tension and stress from the muscles, encouraging you to massage even more – which helps keep the contours of the face lifted and toned.”

Have any of your VIP clients told you their thoughts or noticed any changes to their skin?

“My clients are loving the oil,” Nichola says. “It’s versatile and easy to use and absorbs fully into the skin leaving no stickiness or residue – just bouncy fresh skin, so they can apply make up or go make-up free with nude skin! It adds vitality and life to skin, helping to re-balance the surface and gives a really fresh look.”

Is it something that you would recommend for everyone? It’s confusing as a buyer as we are so used to buying for different skin types – is that old school now?

Nichola explains: “Oil is such a remarkable skincare essential and if it’s full of the right combination of ingredients will totally re-balance the skin making for a more normal skin ph level so yes it will totally help to calm down breakouts or balance oiliness and reduce dryness. Our skin loves oil and as it’s such a great medium for massage we reallly see the benefits. Our skin loves massage!”

Can you explain more about how we would use it in our morning and night skincare routines?

Nichola says: “I would add a couple of drops to my moisturiser if your skin is feeling a little dry or parched, and then at night time I would add a massage at bedtime using Lumity Facial Oil and spend a few minutes really pushing and massaging the oils as a treatment into the skin. You can also apply the oil after your serum in the daytime.”

Would you be able to give us a step-by-step guide to at home facial massage using Lumity Facial Oil please?

Nichola’s prescription for great skin:-

  1. Sundays are great for facial days.
  2. Cleanse the skin with an oil.
  3. Remove with a warm face cloth.
  4. Cleanse again and add an exfoliation product onto the cleanser and gently massage.
  5. Remove with hot cloth.
  6. Tone skin.
  7. Add your favourite active serum such as hyaluronic acid or peptide. Apply a sheet mask on-top or use your micro needling device for a few minutes.
  8. Remove and massage in remainder mask product.
  9. Allow to dry completely.
  10. Add a few drops of oil and do a 5 minute massage all over face, neck and chest area and concentrate on areas such as jawline, under cheekbones and across eyebrow areas where tension can sit and become heavy. Use a decent amount of pressure with your hands and really feel for tension points.
  11. Apply an eye cream and gently massage around outer contours of eye area.
  12. Apply a lip balm

Video: A-list facialist Nichola Joss’s Lumity facial oil massage

Here’s Nichola’s bespoke Lumity Skin Nutrients Facial Oil morning massage how to video so you can massage your skin like one of her VIP clients from the comfort of home.

And this is Nichola’s bedtime Lumity Facial Oil massage routine, which will make a visible difference for smoother and softer skin.

So there you go! Everything you need to make the most of your Lumity Facial Oil!

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