Why the Nordic Diet really is brain food

-Jun 14, Hannah Hargrave, Nutrition -

Why the Nordic diet is brain food
It’s touted as the Mediterranean diet of the north and the Nordic diet is not only healthy for your body it keeps your brain in shape too.


If you want to stave off brain decline tucking into food fit for a Viking could be the way forward.

Scientists have found that adopting a Nordic diet – one that is rich in oily fish, nuts, poultry and certain anti-oxidant rich fruits and vegetables – can help fight dementia.

The research conducted in Sweden also showed that pears, apples and rapeseed oil helped eaters preserve their mental faculties. They even found that moderate amounts of wine, pasta and rice could help protect the brain too.

In fact of the 2,223 people in the study those who stuck to the diet well or very well were found to be 80 percent less likely to experience a significant decline in memory or thinking skills.

So how can you get more Scandi into your breakfast, lunch and dinner? Here are some meal ideas to get you started.



Smoked salmon on rye bread:

Fruit salad (with plenty of berries) topped with Greek yoghurt and chopped nuts

Porridge oats with nuts and mixed berries on top


Blood orange, beetroot and fennel salad.

Pickled herrings on a bed of spinach with sliced apple and boiled egg.

Smoked mackerel pate on pumpernickel bread, followed by Greek yoghurt and berries.


Roasted salmon with cucumber dill yoghurt. Served with boiled new potatoes drizzled with rapeseed oil and steamed leafy green vegetables.

Stir fried pork, peppers, apple and spinach. Served with brown rice.

Swedish meatballs made with lean minced beef. Served with whole grain egg noodles and a cranberry jam.


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