Olivia Wayne: ‘My easy coping tips for new mums’

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New mums have their work cut out for them, everyone knows that. Whether it’s sleep deprivation or simply adjusting to life looking after a little human 24 hours a day it’s the most difficult job a woman will ever face – and it takes some getting used to. 

Olivia Wayne discusses sleep deprivation

As a TV presenter on Sky Sports or Sky Sports News who had to be up at 3am and on screen, full of energy and ready to deliver the latest headlines at 6.30am every morning, Olivia Wayne certainly knew a thing or two about sleep deprivation before giving birth to baby son Ozzie late last year, and has been kind enough to sit down with us and share what she’s learned with other new mums.

The 32-year-old London, England-born star tells Lumity that when she first started working in the fast-paced world of television, she found herself grabbing snacks on the run and drinking coffee to get through the day. Olivia adds that she had to start working out and prioritising healthy meals in order to feel good, focused and full of vitality with such a demanding schedule.

“When I first took on that 6am shift at Sky News I really found that I was existing on rubbish food and coffee, which was not sustainable,” Olivia tells Lumity. “I was so tired all the time, but once I started working out I found that it really energised me and I was more focused. I also changed the way I eat, and whilst of course I still enjoy the odd Oreo cookie ice cream when watching TV in the evening, for the most part I try to use the better than rule and opt for a healthy option.”

How to prioritise fitness and the demands of a newborn baby

Olivia worked out during her first pregnancy last year and once her son was born vowed to find a way to prioritise fitness and the demands of a newborn baby.

“I wanted to get back to the gym, not for how I looked, but because it makes me feel good,” she explains. “All those endorphins that you get from exercising really do make a difference when it comes to managing all aspects of your life. My husband organised a trainer to come to work out with me at the house as my Christmas present. That was brilliant because my trainer holds Ozzie in a baby carrier around his neck and Ozzie naps happily while I work out.”

Olivia’s advice to other new mums is to make time for yourself and do as many little things each day that you can to make yourself feel good:

“I can’t tell you how many mobile manicurists, beauticians and other beauty therapists I have relied on since having a baby,” Olivia says. “It was crucial for me to find a way to ensure that Ozzie was happy and in a routine while also making time for me.

“My advice to other mothers is that there’s lots of small and inexpensive things you can do. Being a parent can so hard, stressful and at times lonely, so for me the key has been to do the things that make me happy. Whether it’s getting your nails done, doing an online yoga video, making time for a long luxurious bath and a face mask, buying that pair of shoes you have been lusting after and wearing them even if it’s just around he house, or meditating – whatever your personal thing is – find that happy thing and do it.

“There’s a lot of talk of new mums sitting around in dressing gowns all day, but I have found that if I get up and I get dressed even if I am not going anywhere, I feel much better in myself and more able to face the day.

“Find a way to stay true to yourself. You don’t have to give up every element of yourself once you become a mum. There’s a lot of pressure to have it all together, so try to tune that out and remember that if you can do little things that make you feel happy, it will help you really treasure and enjoy your baby. Before you know it they will be at school and independent and it’s such a special and magical time when they’re little and it does go by fast. If you can try to enjoy it and take daily time outs for yourself, whether that’s for exercise or a pedicure, things will become less overwhelming.”


Wise words indeed and we couldn’t agree more. Follow Olivia on Twitter here, and on Instagram here and have a look at her other fabulous tips on motherhood here. Or perhaps you’d like to read how two new mums on maternity leave came up with an award winning idea over coffee one morning – that is now a global, thriving business.


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