Rock your age: Over fifty and utterly fabulous

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Over 50 and fabulous

Fifty and fabulous? – Absolutely! Gone are the days of ageing invisibly once you’ve turned fifty and over. Hollywood’s older generation are proving you’re never too old to don a bikini, or wear whatever you want, whenever you want and look incredible while doing it. From Goldie Hawn to Helen Mirren, these splendid stars are rocking their ages, and are solid proof that getting older no longer means hiding behind blue rinses, twin sets and high necklines.


Halle Berry

Halle Berry shared a shot on Instagram of herself last week posing while on holiday in French Polynesia in nothing but a bikini. Halle looked utterly fantastic to us but the X-Men star was very self-deprecating, captioning the photo, “When your heart says PEACE OUT let’s eat pizza and chips, but your a*** says for the love of God woman eat a salad.”

At 51, Halle proved there’s no reason to cover up just because you’ve celebrated turning fifty.  But as a mum to 9-year-old Nahala, this Hollywood star doesn’t look as great as she does by chance. She’s been a long-time devotee of trainer Harley Pasternak, who works out with his superstar client five days a week for 25 minutes a session. Each workout consists of 5 minutes of warming up, 5 minutes of arms, 5 minutes of legs, 5 minutes of core work and a 5 minute cool down.


Goldie Hawn


She may be a grandmother, but this 72-year-old actress is far from a Golden Oldie thanks to Hollywood’s infamous ‘Bootcamp Billy’.

Billy – a former military instructor keeps Goldie looking fab with yoga and regular cardio sessions such as cycling, running and swimming. His diet advice is simple: eat three healthy meals a day consisting of lean protein like chicken, fish and egg whites, combined with vegetables and fruit. Most carbs are banned as are wine and coffee.

The actress says exercise and healthy eating are vital parts of her life but it’s all about moderation. “I do work out,” she says, “but not like a crazy person. I drink a lot of juices. But the bottom line is that I honestly think that a lot of it is genetic. I am not afraid of getting older. As long as everything holds up, I am fine.”



Kim Cattrall

Years of playing Samantha Jones in Sex and the City has left Kim Cattrall with enough sass and sex appeal to rock her age in her 60s and beyond.

The 61-year-old actress admits dieting and exercise play an important role in looking fab in her later years but she says she’s grown up knowing that drinking lots of water and working out is the key to feeling fantastic so it’s relatively easy for her to look as great as she does.

She says: “I’ve been dieting my whole life because I have a tremendous appetite. This generation of women that I’m in, we have been brought up with Jane Fonda workout tapes and fresh air is good for you. Exercise every day and drink eight cups of water. It’s paid off at this time of my life.”

But while still confident, Kim jokingly admits that things definitely get tougher as the decades pass.

“It gets harder because parts of my body don’t want to be on a diet, but at the same time it gets me up in the morning to work out.”


Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone is 59 now and looks as good after fifty as she did twenty years ago. After a health scare in 2001, when she suffered an aneurysm, the actress had an added incentive to focus on her health regime.

Sharon now follows the GI (Glycaemic Index) diet in a bid to keep her body slender and is also a Pilates fan, but says, “I work out only as much as I have to, to not be a fat ass.

“I chase three children to stay in shape. I don’t have a regular routine. When I notice things aren’t quite where I want them to be, I step it up. You park further from the door, you take the stairs instead of the elevator.”


Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren was famously pictured in a red bikini a few years ago, looking sensational despite being in her 60s. Now 72 the actress insists she still suffers with the same insecurities we all do. “I happened to be miraculously posing for a photograph that my husband was taking in exactly the moment the guy took the shot,” she said of the amazing photographs.

“The reality is that I’m in a permanent state of guilt for not exercising enough. I’m just like anyone else really, it’s a constant struggle.” Although she does admit to watching her weight and avoiding too many calories, she adds her focus on her figure is only “to a certain extent, but not obsessively.” 

When we asked her what her beauty secret is during an event last year, the star’s face lit up as she laughed and said, “Oh I don’t know. A glass of champagne” – which is proof, were it needed, that a smile really is the best beauty secret of all. 





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