Make it a September to remember! How parents can fit ‘me time’ into a busy schedule

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Parenting is one of the most difficult jobs that there is and it’s harder than ever in September when then kids all go back to school.  And, with bills to pay, social distancing to worry about, schedules to manage and homework to factor in, it’s no wonder that a lot of parents feel frazzled. We take a look at easy ways to focus on self-care – even while you’re busy looking after everyone else! 

A lot of parents across the world are currently grappling with doing far too much. Parenting involves shopping for endless lists, desperately trying to schedule ballet classes and football practice for the kids, as well as balancing the packed lunches and the evening meal. However, there is a way to make it all more bearable: Consider factoring in ‘me time’ to each day over the next few weeks.

Once you decide to set aside ten minutes for yourself in the morning and perhaps twenty minutes last thing at night to read in the bath, pamper yourself or simply catch up on your favourite TV show, you’ll notice you’re better able to cope with the daily grind, says life coach Lucretia Hill.

“Taking time for yourself is something that most parents feel is not a priority when in fact it should be at the top of the to-do lists,” Lucretia tells Lumity. “It’s not being selfish, it’s self-care.”

And, it doesn’t have to cut into that back-to-school shopping budget either: “What’s key here is stress management and creating pockets of time in your day which are about you and you alone and feeling happy,” explains Lucretia.

“Stress makes life unbearable and unfortunately, shopping for school supplies and going back to the daily grind of doing the school run can be stressful.”

Parenting is stressful but there’s an inexpensive way to combat the stress

It doesn’t have to be expensive focusing on self-care: “You don’t have to spend lots of money,” Lucretia insists.

“You can have a lovely, long luxurious bubble bath with scented candles before you go to bed, or in the morning set aside ten minutes to do a face mask and apply a gorgeous smelling facial oil, or make a point of doing your nails once a week.

I have a client who paints her nails bright colours which instantly give her a lift when she looks at them when she’s down.”

How parenting can be made easier by meditation

Meditation can make a huge difference to your day and you only need to set aside ten minutes for this: “You can get up ten minutes earlier and meditate, which is really a beneficial way to start the day,” Lucretia suggests.

“You could do a ten minute workout at home, it can be yoga, or something where you are listening to your favourite music” and jumping around – once the kids are safely at school.”

Parenting doesn’t have to be a chore: Why let the kids have all the fun?

As we get older, we often forget to try new things when this is a fantastic time of year to get into the habit of working out regularly, you could learn a language, try out that hot yoga barre class or think about working out with that personal trainer you’ve heard gets fantastic results, or even learn a musical instrument. 

Lucretia explains: “And, when you’re signing the kids up to after school classes, think about signing yourself up to something new.”

How to make parenting easier

A little meal prep can go a long way: “Planning the week’s meals and doing the shopping on a Sunday for them will make life much easier, and you’ll be less likely to spend money on take-away food that way because you’ll know already what you’re going to have each evening,” Lucretia explains. 

Get lots of sleep as it’s essential to cope so try not to stay up late watching TV, and consider investing in a quality nutritional supplement so you’re getting extra help with nutrients your body needs. 

“You’ll thank yourself and start to really look forward to the times which you have set aside that are just for you.”

If you have some spare money, maybe you can hit the sales and buy a fabulous new outfit so you look great, and if the daily school run is starting to get you down, plan lots of little things to look forward to in the coming months. Lunch with a friend, a Saturday afternoon spent somewhere new or a fantastic haircut (you can go to training days for a great cut if your budget is tight) will all lift your spirits.

Lucretia continues: “If the parent is happy and feeling fulfilled, then the kids take their emotional cues from that and they will be happier too.

“So don’t feel selfish taking that me time: It’s essential!”.

Well, if that’s not a reason to do some online shopping and book a weekend spa trip this evening, we don’t know what is!


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